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Move along, nothing to see here

My life has been blessedly boring of late!

My first half-day back to work about killed me, but not near as much as my first full-day back.  I was so tired that night I almost cried.  But the next morning when I got up I was fine, so I knew I was going to eventually get over it.  The second full-day back I realized about 2 hours from closing that I was just then getting tired.  Next day, no problems at all.  Yay for recovery!  I still have a couple of sore “spots” but they’re slowly going away.

The only purchase I’ve made the past couple of weeks was a new-to-me book.  Scrap-Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett.  I was at the shop yesterday looking over the upcoming classes list and meeting a friend for lunch.  A new quilt had been put up since I worked on Thursday and it was from this book.  There are 18 quilts in it and they’re all from 2 1/2″ strips.

So the numbers from my last Sunday Stash Report remain the same.

Fabric added this week :  0
Fabric out this week :  0
Fabric added this year (April – present):  149  3/4
Fabric out this year (April – present):  51  1/2

I’m waiting on backordered black batting for Son’s Quilt.  I added one more row to Niece’s tumbler quilt.  I got the hourglass blocks sewn together last Saturday, but discovered, while looking at a photo I took, that one row is wrong so I’ll be unsewing and fixing that.  I still haven’t cut the fabric for future-DIL’s quilt, or my own!  I do have fabric on hold for the background of my quilt, so next week I’ll be adding fabric to my stash report.

But I’ll also be pulling fabric since I’ve decided to participate in Bonnie Hunter’s upcoming mystery.  I went to Lowe’s Friday and pulled her paint chips but I also pulled some in the same colorway but darker in tone since that’s more me.  I’m keeping her orange, though.  Nothing dreary.  I figure this will probably be a perfect quilt for one of the nephews.

I need to get busy!  I’m headed back to Cali in a couple of weeks for a needlework retreat and trying to decide whether or not I want to bring my machine, the tumbler quilt, and maybe a JMLW project or 3.  Decisions, decisions.  I’ll be visiting with Son for 3 days prior to that so everything would be in the trunk of my car during then and I don’t know if I feel safe leaving it there.  LOL


Sunday Sewing and Stash Report

I had my post-op appointment with the surgeon this week.  I’ve pretty much been released to do whatever I want as long as I listen to my body and rest during the day.  Woohoo!  There won’t be any problem with the listening portion since I can tell when it’s time to rest and have had no problem taking a nap.  I sort of immediately nod off when it’s time 😉  Tomorrow is another doctor appointment and hopefully I’ll be on the track to normal again after that one.  I do get to start back to work, part-time, on Tuesday.

I also sewed this past week.  I had a Tumbler Quilt class on Thursday evening and went in early to buy the fleece for my design wall and get it cut and sewn together.  I used it that evening too, and it’s currently rolled up with the beginnings of the Tumbler Quilt.  I was exhausted when I got home since it’s the first time I’ve bent over that much (it was all spread out on the floor and the shop owner did the majority of the moving around for me since I still can’t get down that far.  LOL).  Mister is out of school Monday and Tuesday and I’m hoping he can help me get it hung up.  Here’s what the quilt looks like so far (it will be going to my niece):

2013-10-10 20.42.24

I also attended my first Civil War Club meeting on Friday morning.  We are working on the majority of the items in The Blue and The Grey and our first project is a tablerunner.  Most of the other ladies left after noon, but since I had my machine set up (still there from Thursday evening) I finished sewing all my hourglass blocks together.  I was worn out when I got home.

2013-10-12 10.45.53

This weekend is my Virtual Quilting Retreat (email me if you’re interested) and I have so far spent the time squaring up the hourglass blocks and have started sewing them into rows, and then those rows being pieced together.

Here are a few of the blocks on one of the border fabrics.

2013-10-12 11.56.34

If this gets finished I’ll be working more on the tumblers.

I did purchase fabric this week, but only the border fabric for the tablerunner 😀

Fabric added this week :  1/3
Fabric out this week :  7  3/8
Fabric added this year (April – present):  149  3/4
Fabric out this year (April – present):  51  1/2

Last, but not least, here’s a progress photo of my Elizabeth Sheffield reproduction sampler.  Still loving her, and working on her most evenings.

2013-10-09 21.55.36

Sunday Stash Report

Fabric added numbers for this report are kinda scary.  😉  It should back off some again though.  Hopefully I’m able to start sewing again tomorrow, and since I’m probably going to have another week (or maybe two) before my surgeon releases me, I’ll get Son’s flimsy done and can start cutting on my niece’s (and FDIL’s?) quilt).

Fabric added 9/2 – 9/27 :  45  1/8
Fabric out 9/2 – 9/27 :  2  1/4
Fabric added this year (April – present):  149  3/8
Fabric out this year (April – present):  44  1/8

Sunday Stash Report & a Flimsy or Two

Last Sunday, during my Virtual Quilt Retreat, I finished up the 6-1/2″ signature squares for my block.  Woohoo!

Yesterday, with the exception of the borders, I finished piecing Son’s Falling Charms quilt.  I have an additional 2 rows pieced that will go into the backing, plus another 4 blocks that will go into the border.  I have it folded up and stashed away to take to work with me on Tuesday so I can put it up for a photo-op, and pick out border and backing fabrics, and grab some batting.  I have a feeling I’ll continue with the plain black, though.  I’ll share the photo Tuesday or Wednesday.

Then this morning, I pieced together my JMLW Caramel Corn.   I have the backing and binding picked out from my stash, I just need to grab some batting on Tuesday for it as well, so the binding and backing fabric will come out of next week’s stash report.   I’m not completely happy with the placement of the blocks, but this was the first time I have appliqued anything, and the blocks are on point.  Two lessons in a tiny quilt.  I can see myself making this one again, in a table topper size.


So between the signature squares and Son’s quilt I did rather well in the “fabric out” department this week 🙂

Fabric added this week: 0
Fabric out this week:  7  1/4
Fabric added this year (April – present):  104  1/4
Fabric out this year (April – present):  41  7/8

Sunday Stash Report

I ended up not buying any fabric at my JMLW Club meeting since I already own 1/2-yard cuts of the line the instructor used in her sample quilt; however, my quilt store marked several bolts of repro fabric down 40% and I bought 2 EOBs and 2 2-yard cuts from some of them.  They’ll make excellent backings for some of my smaller quilts in my WIP pile.  That purchase pushed me over the 100 yards in point.

Yesterday’s Virtual Quilt Retreat got off to a slow start for me since I had an almost forgotten pedicure appointment.  I managed to finish 7 blocks though and am back at it this morning.

Fabric added this week:  7  3/8
Fabric out this week: 1  1/4
Fabric added this year (April – present):  104  1/4
Fabric out this year (April – present):  34  5/8

Sunday Stash Report

Not much happening in my sewing room this week.  Last Sunday, while sewing on my signature blocks, I began to feel unwell, and decided to call it a day.  Not too long after that I figured out I had managed to allow myself to become quite dehydrated.

With Mister away I only have the puppies to remind me to feed them so I have had a bad habit of just sewing/stitching without taking a break.  I also haven’t been eating much, which I tend to do when it’s hot, and since I’m not overly fond of salty tasting foods (with just a couple of exceptions) I never salt what I eat.

I probably should have called a friend and gone to the hospital since I was dizzy, had a hard time holding on to a thought, etc.  Since I have lived in the desert off and on for almost 15 years now I figured out what was going on so immediately started drinking something with some electrolytes and made myself something to eat.  I will confess that I scared myself enough that I slept with my phone that night.  I also went 5 days with no coffee.  Yeah, I was that scared.  😉

Tuesday when I went into work I told the shop owner what had happened and she helped me stay on track to guzzling Gatorade all day.  It doesn’t help that we’ve been under Extreme Heat conditions around here, even breaking a high temperature record yesterday.

I did buy fabric this week, for a shower curtain for my main upstairs bath.  It’s already visited the cutting table and is ready to be stitched up.  Yay, me!

Here’s a snap as soon as I got it home. The white is for the main curtain and the black is for the accent.


This week is my Jo Morton Little Women club meeting so I’m sure I’ll be bringing home some fabric, but I’m determined to again only buy the focus fabric for border/sashing and use stash for the rest.  I believe this will be the last meeting that I’ll need to purchase fabric for since our last quilt (due in October) is the one I hand appliqued.  I just need to figure out what backing and binding to use and I’ve already been auditioning from my stash.

Fabric added this week:  6
Fabric out this week:  7  1/2
Fabric added this year (April – present):  96  7/8
Fabric out this year (April – present):  33  3/8

I’ve also been spending a lot of time stitching on my Elizabeth Sheffield sampler.  I’m  loving her.  The first section was supposed to be finished by today but we’re supposed to have a month to work on each section and this time we only had 17 days.  Right now I’m working strictly on continental stitching over 1 and should have it finished tomorrow at the latest if I continue my routine.

Sunday Stash Report

Since last Sunday I’ve been working, off an on, on my signature block exchange pieces. It’s been fun making them from my stash. Two weeks in a row with no fabric added. I’ve been enabling my friends, though, by posting on my Facebook new fabric coming into the store 😉

Fabric added this week: 0
Fabric out this week: 3 7/8
Fabric added this year (April – present):  90  7/8
Fabric out this year (April – present):  25 7/8

Sunday Stash Report

This week has nothing but fabric going out.  Not much, but still, all going out.  I’ve been spending the majority of my needle-in-hand time working on a couple of cross stitch projects, but I did manage to do a little sewing yesterday on my signature swap blocks.

A lot of cutting, and a couple of sewn together blocks.  This week I’m only counting what I’ve already sewn together, even though I normally count it as “out” when I cut it.


Fabric added this week:  ZERO
Fabric out this week:  1/3 yd
Fabric added this year (April – present):  90  7/8
Fabric out this year (April – present):  22

Sunday Stash Report

I have received a few emails and at least one comment on the amount I’m adding versus the amount I’m using.  Y’all are so funny.  I do feel like all I ever do is buy, buy, buy, but I’m fairly certain my fabric stash is nowhere near the size of the majority of the people who are participating in the stash busting….thank goodness!  LOL  This is my whole fabric stash:


The bottom shelf is home to Black Betty, and my small amount of batting and a pillow form.  The shelf above that holds the few kits I own, plus the fabric I’ve “kitted” myself.  Above that are my pre-cuts and on the left fabric I purchased while living in Japan and during my visit to Australia.  That’s all!  Oh wait, nope, I have the very large stack of homespun on my cutting table for son’s quilt.  So, see I didn’t start with much, but I still wanted to bust what I already had.

Now, down to business!

Just as I thought, I bought fabric on my trip to Nashville.  I also kept to my shopping list and bought for the small quilt I’m making:


and blenders for my stash:


Back home I bought a little bit of fabric for a gift which will be going out next week so I’m not counting it in the totals:


and the focus fabric for this month’s Jo Morton Little Women club quilt (Four Square).


Normally I buy much more than those two cuts, so I’m thrilled I was able to restrain myself.  I know I have plenty of cheddar and neutral fabrics and am looking forward to pulling bits and pieces out of my scraps for the colored 4-patches.

I pulled a tiny bit more fabric for a local group that quilts for women’s shelters.  I also cut fabric for a small exchange.

Fabric added this week:  9  1/8
Fabric out this week:  1  3/4
Fabric added this year (April – present):  90  7/8
Fabric out this year (April – present):  21  5/8

Sunday Stash Report

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to post today, but I forgot that I can set a publish time.  As this is posting I’m getting ready to board the plane to wing my way back from Nashville.

I found out that the shop I work at was having a group of women come in on Saturday to make pillow cases  that will be donated to a women’s shelter.  I have been wanting to participate in something like this, but because I was going to be out of town, and wasn’t sure when it was going to happen again, I donated fabric to the group.

I also talked to a quilting friend with a heck of a lot more experience than I have about adding blenders to my current stash and she agreed with what I have been thinking so I brought home a couple of 1/2 yard cuts.

I’m fairly sure I’ll be buying some fabric while traveling (I usually do!) so I’ll add that in to next week’s figures.

I’m really looking forward to see what the future holds now that I no long have a sewing deadline.

Fabric added this week:  1
Fabric used/donated this week:   10
Fabric added this month:  13  3/4
Fabric used this month:  10  1/3
Fabric added this year (April – present):  81  3/4
Fabric used this year (April – present):  19  7/8

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