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Sunday Sewing and Stash Report

I had my post-op appointment with the surgeon this week.  I’ve pretty much been released to do whatever I want as long as I listen to my body and rest during the day.  Woohoo!  There won’t be any problem with the listening portion since I can tell when it’s time to rest and have had no problem taking a nap.  I sort of immediately nod off when it’s time 😉  Tomorrow is another doctor appointment and hopefully I’ll be on the track to normal again after that one.  I do get to start back to work, part-time, on Tuesday.

I also sewed this past week.  I had a Tumbler Quilt class on Thursday evening and went in early to buy the fleece for my design wall and get it cut and sewn together.  I used it that evening too, and it’s currently rolled up with the beginnings of the Tumbler Quilt.  I was exhausted when I got home since it’s the first time I’ve bent over that much (it was all spread out on the floor and the shop owner did the majority of the moving around for me since I still can’t get down that far.  LOL).  Mister is out of school Monday and Tuesday and I’m hoping he can help me get it hung up.  Here’s what the quilt looks like so far (it will be going to my niece):

2013-10-10 20.42.24

I also attended my first Civil War Club meeting on Friday morning.  We are working on the majority of the items in The Blue and The Grey and our first project is a tablerunner.  Most of the other ladies left after noon, but since I had my machine set up (still there from Thursday evening) I finished sewing all my hourglass blocks together.  I was worn out when I got home.

2013-10-12 10.45.53

This weekend is my Virtual Quilting Retreat (email me if you’re interested) and I have so far spent the time squaring up the hourglass blocks and have started sewing them into rows, and then those rows being pieced together.

Here are a few of the blocks on one of the border fabrics.

2013-10-12 11.56.34

If this gets finished I’ll be working more on the tumblers.

I did purchase fabric this week, but only the border fabric for the tablerunner 😀

Fabric added this week :  1/3
Fabric out this week :  7  3/8
Fabric added this year (April – present):  149  3/4
Fabric out this year (April – present):  51  1/2

Last, but not least, here’s a progress photo of my Elizabeth Sheffield reproduction sampler.  Still loving her, and working on her most evenings.

2013-10-09 21.55.36

Sunday Stash Report

I ended up not buying any fabric at my JMLW Club meeting since I already own 1/2-yard cuts of the line the instructor used in her sample quilt; however, my quilt store marked several bolts of repro fabric down 40% and I bought 2 EOBs and 2 2-yard cuts from some of them.  They’ll make excellent backings for some of my smaller quilts in my WIP pile.  That purchase pushed me over the 100 yards in point.

Yesterday’s Virtual Quilt Retreat got off to a slow start for me since I had an almost forgotten pedicure appointment.  I managed to finish 7 blocks though and am back at it this morning.

Fabric added this week:  7  3/8
Fabric out this week: 1  1/4
Fabric added this year (April – present):  104  1/4
Fabric out this year (April – present):  34  5/8

I’m hosting a Virtual Quilting Retreat!

First, let me thank you for your comments about my dehydration episode.  Just this few days have I felt back to normal.  I have been almost anal about drinking and wag a bottle of Gatorade with me to work and have one stowed in my car.

Last month, while visiting my friends in Nashville, we talked a little bit about how fun it would be to be able to sit and sew together.  I had read about a virtual quilting retreat and asked them if they would be interested in doing the same thing.  Our first retreat is this weekend!

I had originally only planned to sew today – and even goofed and scheduled a pedicure for this morning – since  I had plans for tomorrow, but those were canceled this morning, due to my friend being ill 🙁 .  I am working on my signature swap blocks.  I have 34 of 56 completed (9 of those I just finished ironing and squaring up).  That’s 224 flying geese!!!!

Here’s a quick snap of just a few (I’m making them completely from my scraps.)

DSC01616Now to see how many of the remaining 22 I get finished over the weekend.

If you’re interested in participating, here’s the way it works.  Tell the other members of your household that you are going on a quilting retreat in your sewing space.  This will be easier said that done if you have little ones 😉  Tell the big people in your house that you do not want to be bothered while you’re in your space.  Either have someone else prepare meals, cook ahead, or crock pot it.  Today we’re having already prepared lasagna and Mister will make salad to go along with it.  I plan on sewing up until dinner time then will settle in with some stitching after that.  Tomorrow  I’m planning on throwing chicken in the crock pot and “bbq-ing” it, then all I’ll have to do is add my sides, but I plan on ending my retreat at that time  😀

This will be once a month and the participants decide on the weekend. I’ve set up a Facebook Group and there will be a poll put up during Virtual Quilters Retreat to pick the next month’s weekend. If you can’t participate both days, then pick one day!  If you’d like to join in, send me an email.  The link is in the right side column.

Now, back to my cutting table.


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