Sunday Stash Report

Fabric added numbers for this report are kinda scary.  😉  It should back off some again though.  Hopefully I’m able to start sewing again tomorrow, and since I’m probably going to have another week (or maybe two) before my surgeon releases me, I’ll get Son’s flimsy done and can start cutting on my niece’s (and FDIL’s?) quilt).

Fabric added 9/2 – 9/27 :  45  1/8
Fabric out 9/2 – 9/27 :  2  1/4
Fabric added this year (April – present):  149  3/8
Fabric out this year (April – present):  44  1/8

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One response to “Sunday Stash Report

  1. Hi Terri, I saw your post in Quiltville and noticed you’re in So. AZ, somewhere. I’m about an hour So. of Phoenix and about 2 hours from Tucson. There are still a few cotton fields around, which is nice. I enjoy the open spaces of AZ.

    I’m also a transplant from So. Cal (3rd generation from LA). Sounds like your stash is bigger than mine….maybe. lol Hope to hear from you. The Mister just rolls his eyes every time I go on an expedition into Area 51. vbg More later.