Sunday Stash Report

I have received a few emails and at least one comment on the amount I’m adding versus the amount I’m using.  Y’all are so funny.  I do feel like all I ever do is buy, buy, buy, but I’m fairly certain my fabric stash is nowhere near the size of the majority of the people who are participating in the stash busting….thank goodness!  LOL  This is my whole fabric stash:


The bottom shelf is home to Black Betty, and my small amount of batting and a pillow form.  The shelf above that holds the few kits I own, plus the fabric I’ve “kitted” myself.  Above that are my pre-cuts and on the left fabric I purchased while living in Japan and during my visit to Australia.  That’s all!  Oh wait, nope, I have the very large stack of homespun on my cutting table for son’s quilt.  So, see I didn’t start with much, but I still wanted to bust what I already had.

Now, down to business!

Just as I thought, I bought fabric on my trip to Nashville.  I also kept to my shopping list and bought for the small quilt I’m making:


and blenders for my stash:


Back home I bought a little bit of fabric for a gift which will be going out next week so I’m not counting it in the totals:


and the focus fabric for this month’s Jo Morton Little Women club quilt (Four Square).


Normally I buy much more than those two cuts, so I’m thrilled I was able to restrain myself.  I know I have plenty of cheddar and neutral fabrics and am looking forward to pulling bits and pieces out of my scraps for the colored 4-patches.

I pulled a tiny bit more fabric for a local group that quilts for women’s shelters.  I also cut fabric for a small exchange.

Fabric added this week:  9  1/8
Fabric out this week:  1  3/4
Fabric added this year (April – present):  90  7/8
Fabric out this year (April – present):  21  5/8

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3 responses to “Sunday Stash Report

  1. Your fabric is so pretty! 🙂 I love seeing your projects!

  2. Nice fabric stash. Where did you shop in Nashville?

  3. Thanks Tracy! Betty, it was Stitcher’s Garden.