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Move along, nothing to see here

My life has been blessedly boring of late!

My first half-day back to work about killed me, but not near as much as my first full-day back.  I was so tired that night I almost cried.  But the next morning when I got up I was fine, so I knew I was going to eventually get over it.  The second full-day back I realized about 2 hours from closing that I was just then getting tired.  Next day, no problems at all.  Yay for recovery!  I still have a couple of sore “spots” but they’re slowly going away.

The only purchase I’ve made the past couple of weeks was a new-to-me book.  Scrap-Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett.  I was at the shop yesterday looking over the upcoming classes list and meeting a friend for lunch.  A new quilt had been put up since I worked on Thursday and it was from this book.  There are 18 quilts in it and they’re all from 2 1/2″ strips.

So the numbers from my last Sunday Stash Report remain the same.

Fabric added this week :  0
Fabric out this week :  0
Fabric added this year (April – present):  149  3/4
Fabric out this year (April – present):  51  1/2

I’m waiting on backordered black batting for Son’s Quilt.  I added one more row to Niece’s tumbler quilt.  I got the hourglass blocks sewn together last Saturday, but discovered, while looking at a photo I took, that one row is wrong so I’ll be unsewing and fixing that.  I still haven’t cut the fabric for future-DIL’s quilt, or my own!  I do have fabric on hold for the background of my quilt, so next week I’ll be adding fabric to my stash report.

But I’ll also be pulling fabric since I’ve decided to participate in Bonnie Hunter’s upcoming mystery.  I went to Lowe’s Friday and pulled her paint chips but I also pulled some in the same colorway but darker in tone since that’s more me.  I’m keeping her orange, though.  Nothing dreary.  I figure this will probably be a perfect quilt for one of the nephews.

I need to get busy!  I’m headed back to Cali in a couple of weeks for a needlework retreat and trying to decide whether or not I want to bring my machine, the tumbler quilt, and maybe a JMLW project or 3.  Decisions, decisions.  I’ll be visiting with Son for 3 days prior to that so everything would be in the trunk of my car during then and I don’t know if I feel safe leaving it there.  LOL


Just a teensy update

My emotions have been all over the place lately!

I found out last week a family member has an illness that I’m not supposed to be worrying about (advice from my mother), but I am freaking out over it.

The Saints won the Superbowl! 

This week marks a year since I lost my HeartBandit.

Kahuna is sick, and I’m afraid he has pneumonia again.  He’s promised to go to sick call this morning and I’m trying to be patient and not contact him to see if he’s gone.

I had another medical test yesterday and am dealing with the afteraffects of it today.  Ouch.  Hopefully this is the last test.  I had to have it because something showed up in another test and because I’m having ‘elective surgery’ I have to be ‘healthy.’  Sigh.

My stitching has been holding me together.   With that I’m still stitching on Home of a Needleworker. 

I didn’t stitch last Thursday because we went out to the street market with the dogs.  Harley had an accident while there and it just put me out of stitching mode when we got home.  She’s okay, just a little bruised in a couple of places.  (Updated:  Harley got barely stepped on and because she was crowded by people and very large dogs she freaked out, got herself wound up in her leash like a yo-yo, and body-slammed herself into the street.  I was standing across the street with Jasper and it was scarry watching it and not being able to stop what I knew was about to happen.  I was worried that with her tied down on the ground she would get really stepped on or attacked by one of the other dogs.)

I didn’t stitch last Friday because we went to the opera!  La boheme.  Front row seats.  Nice surprise from Kahuna.

I didn’t stitch much on Saturday because I had errands to run, salon appointment, sitting in the pharmacy for an hour, etc.

So last night I decided to just keep on going with what I’m working on since I’m enjoying it soooo much.  I’m in love with GAST Sable that I’m using for the roof and the upper and lower border.  I know I’ll be using it again in something.  It reminds me of mink, chocolate, warmth, and right now ‘roof shingles’ 😆  I think it would be great in a quaker design.

I don’t feel too terribly bad about not switching to my next project because I am almost finished with Quaker Needlework Treasures anyway.

This Saturday is another stitchy Saturday up north and I’ll be working on Summer Queen.

Hellooooo? Is anyone still out there?

So, what have I been up to that’s kept me so busy I couldn’t post?  Ummmm, I can’t remember further back than last week.

Doctor appointments galore!  I had my last appointment on Christmas eve, believe it or not.  The vampires were well fed when I left the hospital.  So much so that I felt faint, had to have juice, and Kahuna had to feed me before we drove off.  Now I need to e-mail the surgical nurse and get a surgery date.

I’m now the only admin support in my office.  Other paralegal was ‘let go’ last week.  It has been rather fun at work since I had ‘use it or lose it’ vacation time.  Did I mention I’m the only admin support in my office.  I was ready for this week to get here so I could collapse.

I’m fighting a cold right now.!

I’ve been stitching on Summer Queen.  I need to take a photo to prove it though, don’t I.

Went to see Sherlock Holmes and Avatar this past weekend.  Love them both.  I was ready to sit through Avatar a second time, I enjoyed it so much.

Last but not least, we’re adding to our family.  Meet Jasper. 

He’s *visiting* with us right now to see if he’s a good fit for our family.  He’s already turning into a ‘momma’s boy.’  He has been eating ‘raw’ at his foster home and we’re going to try to keep feeding him that way on a periodic basis.  Harley will benefit from it as well.  So, I had to go grocery shopping when Kahuna came home today and Kahuna said he stood at the door and whined while I was gone.  He’s a sweet 3 year old boy.  AKC color is ‘seal.’  That’s black to non IG peeps.  He’s a rescued boy who’s old mom and dad kept him outside during the day and when they went to bed at night he slept in a plastic crate in the living room while they were snuggled in their comfy bed down the hall.  They traveled a bit much to keep  him so they gave him over to rescue.  He’s been at his foster home for a little more than 3 months.

Barium…it's what's for breakfast!

and lunch and supper.  Yum!  Not.  I have a CT scan on Monday so have started ‘prepping’ for it.  Not being one for ‘flavored’ items, drinking berry flavored barium for breakfast immediately kicks in my gag reflex.  Actually, just smelling the stuff got me started.

I had a psych appointment on Tuesday.  Nothing like drudging through all 50 years of your life — starting at the moment you were born — with a stranger.  Needless to say with some of the skeletons in my closet this has been a rough week for me.  Not sleeping, or if I do immediately go to sleep waking up at 3 a.m. and not being able to get back to sleep.

I have several more appointments to make between now and December 14th.  On that day one of my doctors will decide if I’m ready to be referred for surgery during January.

Today Kahuna and I are going to see ‘New Moon.’  Housing shut our water off at 6 a.m. this morning and we’ve already been showered and shaved, filled our tubs with water for the toilets), had our breakfast, entertained Harley (an all day affair, anyway), and are nursing a cup of coffee while we play on our respective computers.  I intend on spending the majority of today (while not at the movies) watching college football, DVRd stuff, and stitching (working exclusively on Summer Queen).  I’d like to start up a “goodreads’ on my facebook, too, but that might wait until tomorrow since I won’t be able to leave the house.

Although I haven’t posted it here (I don’t think?) Harley smacked Kahuna in his left eye a couple of weeks ago and tore his cornea.  At his last appointment this week he was told it’s as healed as it’s going to be, and there’s a wrinkle in the cornea.  He’s having vision problems because of it and they’re talking LASIK surgery….again.  This will be the 3d time for that eye…his good eye.  Sigh.  He’s undecided about having it, but has set an appointment with the doctor who did the first two (he’s the eye doctor for the San Diego Chargers) and I think he’ll decide based upon that opinion.

We’re headed to Disneyland on Thursday for our almost annual Thanksgiving tradition.  There are rarely any lines for any of the rides on that day and they serve turkey and dressing at the major eateries.  We try to eat at the Blue Bayou for lunch (but this year we waited too late to get reservations) and in downtown Disney at Brennan’s for supper to get our Louisiana fix every year.  We did manage reservations at Brennan’s and may even head over there for lunch and get a poboy.  I love Disneyland, especially this time of year.  The carols and fireworks in the evening even make me cry and miss home.  Kahuna and I are both still kids enough that we have a good time, just the two of us.



G.E.A.U.X. LSU! Man, what a football game!

If you’ve ever watched Mexican Football, you’ll understand my title!  It’s usually the only word I can understand, and the announcer yells it at the top of his voice for as long as his breath with last.

Today I met my 1st weightloss goal.  I lost 4.2 pounds this week to meet my 5% goal! Wikka wikka wheeee!  As shown on my Fitness Rewards page (tab at the top of the page) I’m ordering my swim suit today. 

Friday, I signed up for private swim lessons at the Y and am waiting on the instructor to call me to work out a schedule. I also had an appointment with a orthopedic sports doctor who is not ready to do surgery on me. He says on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 worse) I’m about a 3 and he wants to try treatment. I told him about my fitness goals and he was very encouraging and told me to keep on keeping on and to stop if it hurts. I’m to return in 3 weeks for him to check on my progress. Honestly, he was more concerned about the oncoming carpal tunnel in both my wrists than the ulnar neuropathy in my elbow and is treating me for that as well.

Today, as soon as I get home from the Commissary, Kahuna and I are headed to our LBS to buy handlebar and seat stuff to rig his mountain bike up so I can learn to ride and shift gears at the same time. I am on a roll people!  🙂

I am having a nice time with my new c25k program, although I’ve walked further and longer than what the schedule has called for. I just have not been able to drop myself down to 10 minutes since I have worked so hard. I cut 59 seconds off last week’s mile. Some time this week Kahuna will pick me up at lunch and we’ll head over to Roadrunner Sports to buy some new running shoes for me.

The other stuff I managed to accomplish this past week was to officially become a member of our local tri club and to suffer from my first bike lust. I’m in love with a pretty little Bianchi I saw at Hi-Tech bikes this past Thursday. Drool! 😛

Have a great rest of the weekend! Oh, and I have pictures of puppies and will download them later today.

When w6d2 = w1d2 and a whole bunch of other stuff

I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in my head that I’ve wanted to blog about but for some reason just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

First, my heel is feeling so much better. I’ve pretty much figured out that I’m wearing the wrong type of shoe for my foot and for running. I remember when I got them that I told the fitter I needed shoes for walking. I think I remember telling her that I had a high instep; however to be fair to her not everyone knows that a high instep means high arches. I’ve also been wearing an insert and have taken to icing and massaging the area and have been using the time between when my alarm first goes off and the second “snooze” alarm to stretch.

Second, I’ve changed my c25k program. I’m doing the program on the tri board I frequent. It’s a less aggressive program, which is probably another reason why my heel is doing much better. Surprisingly I’m not too upset that this means I still won’t be running much come time for my 5k but it’s not deterring me from continuing on.

w1d1 of this program required me to walk 10 minutes. I cheated and walked longer because I have also signed up for a run challenge for the month of October and I dedicated myself to run/walk 25 miles.

w1d2 required me to walk 15 minutes, but I cheated again. 🙂 Patience is a virtue that I need to work on quite a bit.

Third, I have received the insurance approval for surgery and am meeting with the surgeon this coming Friday. Eek! I’m hoping he can get right on this so I’ll have plenty of time to heal and be able to get right back out there to train.

Fourth, and probably the biggest WOW is that I am going from working full-time to 3/4 time. I have been looking for a job closer to home since I absolutely HATE the 2 hours I lose daily on my commute. What I’ve found is that I’m going to have to take a cut in pay to get one of those jobs and I’ll still be working 9-5. So I asked Boss if I could transition into leaving daily at 3 and keep my job. I really believe in what we do (Plaintiff’s Employment Law) and while there’s a couple more things that I like to complain about where I work, overall it’s a good job. Another employee is being let go and I’m hoping that I can take over some of those duties since they revolve around a program that would look good on my resume. Even doing those duties I still can get everything done in time to leave at 3.

So this coming Monday I’ll start leaving at 4 and then beginning November 1 (when my current train ticket expires) I’ll be back to driving everyday and leaving at 3. I’ll be able to get home by car much faster than by train since there won’t be very much traffic at that time of the day.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I plan on doing with all my free time? I plan on using some of it to get back into cross stitching, but mostly I’m hoping to use it to train for my first triathlon. There’s just never enough time in a day to run, ride a bike, swim and strength train and pay attention to puppies and keep my horrible housekeeping skills honed and love on the Kahuna.

Kahuna is thinking of getting a tattoo today. He’s had a teeny minor surgical procedure that’s keeping him out of the water for awhile so this is the perfect time. He’s also thinking of going to a newbie meeting at the San Diego Tri club tomorrow and I’m hoping to go with.

On the weighloss front I’m still under 10 pounds however since September 11 I have lost 4 1/2 inches off my hips and 2 1/2 inches off my waist. Bring on the baggy britches baby! LOL

Next update should include a picture of my sweet pea Harley Quinn, whom I think I’ve completely lost to Kahuna. Daddy’s Darlin’ is going to be 1 year old on Saturday.

P.S. If any of you have any experience with the Susan Komen 3-day walk I’d love to have your input. San Diego’s 2007 walk is in November, which I’m nowhere near trained to do, but I’m considering putting 2008 on my long-term goals list.


Back on track and determined to keep at it. My heel did bother me just a little this morning, but once I was warmed up I forgot about it. I didn’t really know how far I’d walked until I got home and mapped it out. I managed to walk through my calf pain the first time, and it didn’t return until the end. My goal was to walk for 30 minutes this morning, but I was thinking my route would be smaller. So, I walked 1.5 miles in less than 30 minutes. 18.6-minute mile. Cool! That still puts me under an hour for a 5K, just barely.

Dr. has decided I need surgery on my elbow. He’s convinced that sometime in my life I had to have hit my elbow and scar tissue is now interfering with my ulnar nerve. He also sees carpal tunal in my future. Getting old sucks! I told him to do whatever it takes to get me healthy. I’m on a roll and don’t want to let anything stop me. He has referred me to a surgeon that specializes in elbows down to fingertips. I’m now waiting to see if military insurance will cover it.

Sweet pea Harley wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I ended up shampooing my dining room and bedroom last night. I’ll take exercise in any form I can get it! She seems to be feeling better this morning, wanting to snuggle and it would have been soooo easy to be late for the train.

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