1. Trudy – Baby quilt (2017) – just needs binding – FINISH
  2. Mark – Trotting Along (2017) – FINISH
  3. Phoebe’s Flower Box (2013) – split for 2 charity quilts – FINISH
  4. Celtic Solstice – Bonnie Hunter mystery 2013 – FINISH
  5. Applecore Tablerunner (2013) – FINISH
  6. Wild & Goosey – Bonnie Hunter (2014) – MAKE PROGRESS
  7. Farmer’s Wife (2013) – MAKE PROGRESS
  8. Swoon (new start 2018) or On Ringo Lake (new start 2018)
  9. Long Time Gone – Jen Kingwell (new start 2018)
  10. Tone it Down – new start
  11. Tula Pink City Sampler – new start (depending on progress of current WIPs)

I plan on participating in a couple of challenges in 2018 – one to help keep me on track (One Monthly Goal) and one to help organize my scraps  (Scrap Attack) for better use.

I would like to see Trotting Along, Phoebe’s Flower Box, and Celtic Solstice completely finished to binding.  The Applecore Tablerunner is a challenge to me because of the curves.  Wild & Goosey and Farmer’s Wife are foundation paper piecing and I’m just wanting to work on them every  month.  They are currently from just scraps. Long Time Gone is a new start that I’m wanting to work in, but haven’t decided how often.  I’m wanting to use my (several) Bonnie and Camille fabric collections on it.

Cross Stitch

I’m carrying over a few pieces from my 2016 Year of WIPs Challenge.  While I did finish stitching several pieces, a few of them need to be sewn into pillows, so they’re on my 2018 list.

  1. Houses of Hawk Run Hollow (2010) – finish
  2. Death by Cross Stitch (2017) – make progress – alternate between projects
  3. Peacock Tapestry (1999) – make progress
  4. Garden Verses (2004) – finish
  5. Fairy Moon (2004) – finish
  6. Expressions of Gratitude (2016) – finish
  7. Le Marquoir de Justine
  8. Oscar’s Corsage – Jan 1, 2018
  9. Let Freedom Ring-new
  10. Desert Mandala-new
  11. Adam and Eve-new
  12. Ann Pegg 1977 – new
  13. Coverlet Candle Mat – FFO
  14. Hurt Not the Earth – FFO

Oscar’s Corsage, New Year Day start.  Let Freedom Ring start in Vegas.  No plan yet for when I’ll start Desert Mandala, but I have had it kitted since 2014 and need to get going on it.  Adam and Eve, and Ann Pegg, no start dates set.


  • Blog more – at least once a month
  • YouTube videos – at least 4x a year
  • Keep my organizer up to date (menues, household, sewing, stitching, blog reminders)
  • Lose 12 pounds