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Sunday Stash Report & a Flimsy or Two

Last Sunday, during my Virtual Quilt Retreat, I finished up the 6-1/2″ signature squares for my block.  Woohoo!

Yesterday, with the exception of the borders, I finished piecing Son’s Falling Charms quilt.  I have an additional 2 rows pieced that will go into the backing, plus another 4 blocks that will go into the border.  I have it folded up and stashed away to take to work with me on Tuesday so I can put it up for a photo-op, and pick out border and backing fabrics, and grab some batting.  I have a feeling I’ll continue with the plain black, though.  I’ll share the photo Tuesday or Wednesday.

Then this morning, I pieced together my JMLW Caramel Corn.   I have the backing and binding picked out from my stash, I just need to grab some batting on Tuesday for it as well, so the binding and backing fabric will come out of next week’s stash report.   I’m not completely happy with the placement of the blocks, but this was the first time I have appliqued anything, and the blocks are on point.  Two lessons in a tiny quilt.  I can see myself making this one again, in a table topper size.


So between the signature squares and Son’s quilt I did rather well in the “fabric out” department this week 🙂

Fabric added this week: 0
Fabric out this week:  7  1/4
Fabric added this year (April – present):  104  1/4
Fabric out this year (April – present):  41  7/8

Time for a design wall

I finally finished cutting and preparing all the blocks I need for JMLW Caramel Corn.  I still need to stitch them down and am trying to wait until my trip later this month.

DSC01596This is the layout, but not where the blocks will end up.  I was looking at the size so laid them out.

This also proves to me that I need to bump up my need of a design wall.  For these smaller projects I’ll make a smaller, portable one, but I really need to get the larger one put together before I start piecing Son’s quilt.

More Caramel Corn

The Tour de France started yesterday.  We DVR it, but since we normally get up early anyway we start watching over a cup of coffee and fast forward through the commercials.  Normally we are not far behind going “live” by the end of our watch.   This “interferes” with the time I spend in my studio, but I don’t mind since I’m really enjoying watching.

I live in Arizona.  This is what I hid from yesterday


It actually got up to 121!  Perfect sewing weather.

With NASCAR being rained out yesterday I enjoyed listening to it this morning after TdF while finishing preparing the “x” blocks of Caramel Corn.


I also got the “slices” from yesterday glued down.  Since I stand while doing this it’s tiring to my back and I have to take frequent breaks.  I now need to get the “half slices” and “quarter slices” prepared since I’m traveling by plane later this month and they’ll make a great handwork project for the plane.


Quilting can get messy!

I spent the morning pulling my hair out, using my seam ripper, and binding.  I’m working on a small project and I cannot believe how hard it is to bind something small!  I will try to never complain about binding a quilt again!

After a quick lunch, short read, and mini-catnap downstairs I came back up and decided to work on my JMLW Caramel Corn.  This project is the reason behind my taking the applique class last month.  It calls for needle turn applique but it hurts my hand and so I decided to do the P3 method.

Behold the mess I made making 2 of the blocks


The block on the left will have the “x” portion appliqued, and the block on the right will have the “slices” appliqued.  I still haven’t stitched them down.  Only 11 x’s, 6 slices, 10 “half” slices, and 4 “quarter” slices to go 😉

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