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I swear, for someone who’s “retired” my calendar sure is full these days.  I’m not complaining, but feeling very lucky and in some cases very appreciated 😉  There are stitch-togethers one night a week at my LNS; twice a month sew-togethers with a local group; guild meetings twice a month; a sew-in at my LQS; manicure and pedicure appointments, dental appointment, COMICON meetings – the event is next weekend!; and Christmas and our trip to California is just around the corner. Plus there are 2 other sew-togethers each month that I haven’t been able to attend yet, because of my busy schedule. Oh, and let’s not forget the mystery quilt!

While all of this is bringing me joy (okay, except for that dental appointment – which actually contained good news on the surgery front) it is sapping my mental capacity and I’m forgetting to blog again.  I haven’t felt like there has been that much to share.

So, I’m pulling out my phone to see what pictures I’ve taken this past week.

Our oranges are starting to turn.  Yum! Winter harvest.

2014-12-01 14.48.59


I bought a new cooking tool. I’ve wanted one for quite a while and it ended up on sale at my local grocery store, on 10% Senior Discount Day!  Yay!  Haven’t used it yet, but I see a pot of stew brewing in my future.

2014-12-04 13.25.30

I finished another stitching project

2014-12-03 21.21.57


which meant I got to start a new one

2014-12-04 17.12.41 2014-12-05 22.31.58


As to the mystery quilt, I managed to get 28/100 of the first part made.  I’m cool with that.  Last year I got behind and gave up.  This year I’m following Bonnie’s instruction to stop where I am and start on the next part when it come out.  After I hit “publish” I’ll be working on part 2.

Before I forget, again, I know I haven’t shown any weight stuff on here lately.  With the busy-ness I have had I have been hopping on the scale Tuesday morning, writing it down, and hitting the road running, so to speak.  I actually haven’t been running.  Or even walking.  I’m just now back to my knee not hurting after my graceful tumble down the mountain a month ago.  I’ve been throwing a month-long pity party and eating sugar.  I’ve paid for it the next day waking up with a headache, and my weight has bounced up and down.  I’ve reminded myself that this is a lifelong way, forgiven myself, and this past week, it was back down to what it was the week I fell. I’ve got my alarm set to get out and start walking again tomorrow.

Unless I get a chance to share my Part 2 Grand Illusion progress, I probably won’t blog again until after next Sunday.


Tuesday Weigh In

Oops, I disappeared there for a bit.  Didn’t realize it had been 2 weeks, or that I didn’t post my last weigh in.  I only weighed last week, instead of also taping, because I had an early morning Dr. appt and some other running around.

Beginning weight:  266
Prior week: 247.5
Last week: 247 (-.6)
This week: 245.2 (-1.8)
Total loss to date: -20.8

No measurements this week. I did tape myself but I need to figure out what I’m doing and draw myself a diagram or something. I honestly can’t remember from week to week if I’m measuring in the same spot. I know, but it is what it is. LOL

I continue to be happy with my nice, slow and steady wins the race, losses each week and thrilled with how I’m eating. It’s been a learning experience but it’s definitely easy. I do come up with some walls when we go out, but I remind myself this is a lifestyle change, and I deserve to have a little naughty in my life in all aspects 😉

Over the past two weeks I’ve been trying on those “maybe this will fit me again one day” clothes from years back. Some of them do fit me again, but I don’t like them, so my donation box is expanding along with the number of empty hangers. This weekend, I spent tons of time on Pinterest looking at clothes. I’ve posted tons of things on my My Style board and tomorrow I’m going to start looking for some wardrobe basics to go with what I’ve kept. First time in a long time I’m sort of excited to be shopping for clothes, so I’ve set aside a small budget to start building. It’s weird-looking for casual clothes and not professional ones, so I keep in mind that I can switch a dressy skirt for some jeans to keep an outfit I like more casual.  I have a weekend trip in a few months that I’m keeping in mind while I shop, as well.

On a downer, I’ve had to give up Zumba for a while. I’m hoping it’s my shoes, but it’s been killing my knees, so much that I can’t take my daily walk the next day and not be hobbling the rest of the day. So for now, I’m back to walking and I’ve set myself a goal to walk (or hike) every day this week. Yesterday I increased my distance and was able to keep it the same time as the shorter distance.

I’ve installed an app on my phone to help me track, and will be changing distances on Tuesday. I haven’t decided on how often to increase the distance.

Last week 2.08 mi
This week 2.46 mi

Tuesday weigh in

Beginning weight:  266
Last week: 249.2
This week: 247.6 (-1.6)
Total loss to date: -18.4

Beginning measurements: (C 45.5 – W 47.8 – H 54.8)
Last week / This week:
Chest  43.8  /  43.4  (-.4 / -2.1)
Waist  43.5  /  43.1  (-.4  / -4.7)
Hips  54.4  /  52.9  (-1.5 / -1.9)

Tuesday weigh in

Beginning weight:  266
Last week: 251.8
This week: 249.2 (-2.6)
Total loss to date: -16.8

Beginning measurements: (C 45.5 – W 47.8 – H 54.8)
Last week / This week:
Chest 44.8  /  43.8  (-1 / -1.7)
Waist 44.9   /  43.5  (-1.4  / -4.3)
Hips 53.6  /  54.4  (+.8 / -.4)

Weighing In

Beginning weight:  266
Last week: 253.4
This week: 251.8 (-1.6)
Total loss to date: -14.2

Beginning measurements: (C 45.5 – W 47.8 – H 54.8)
Last week / This week:
Chest 44.1  /  44.8  (+.7 / -.7)
Waist 45  /  44.9 (-.1 / -2.9)  (Beginning from 2 weeks ago since I measured wrong last week)
Hips 54.4  /  53.6  (-8 / -1.2)

Beginning Fat%/BMI: 47.2% / 40.6

Last week / This week:
Fat 47.2%  /  47.5%    (+.3  / +.3)
BMI 40.6 / 40.6 (0 / 0)

I cut out fruit for dinner this past week, and now am having it at most 2x a day.  I also switched back to unsweetened almond milk (Mister likes the original version, which is sweetened some).  Zumba only once, but hiking twice.  One more week of 3 “cardio” days and I’ll start adding in 2 days of body weight exercises.


The weather was perfect yesterday for our hike. There was a slight breeze, the sky was clear and our humidity has dropped to 47%. Even at 7 a.m. the parking lot was filling from people having a long weekend. We didn’t see any hikers on the trail, but were passed several times by bikers. I rarely stop on the way up, as I don’t want to lose my momentum, but I had to stop to share evidence of our trail being shared, and why I’m glad we’re out there at daylight.  You’ll probably have to click the photo to see it.

2014-08-29 07.20.52

There is so much evidence of the influence of water here.  I usually want to stop and snap photos all the way down the mountain, but Mister was quite a ways ahead of me so I only stopped a few times.

I would love to take this home with me and put it in my front yard.  I think it’s so beautiful.  I’m thinking of asking Mister, or my dad, to paint me a photo of it for the house.

2014-08-29 07.48.32

The rain from last week is being taken advantage of.

2014-08-29 07.53.35

All the saguaro have blooms either coming or going.   They’ll all be gone in a couple of days, though, since we’re not expecting any more rain, and they only bloom 1 day.

Look!  A desert squid.

2014-08-29 08.05.19

By 11:00 yesterday I’d had my hike, taken the dogs for a quick walk, gone to the grocery store and had everything cut up and put away.  So much energy!  I had to make myself sit and read a new quilt magazine.

We had a late lunch at Chipotle and hit the movies.  By the title you probably know we saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Wish Son had been with us.  The TV program was one he enjoyed growing up, and I can remember us going to one of the movies at a drive-in.  (Am I the only one that misses drive-ins?)

The rest of the evening was spent watching baseball and puttering.

So far my getting back to eating healthy is going great. My ‘frig’ is full of fresh veggies, my cupboards are getting emptier and emptier (I’m struggling to think of things for “pantry night.”) I hit the store just right yesterday and got 2 free range natural fed whole chickens, 3 grass-fed steaks, wild caught salmon, and 1 package of pork ribs for $30 less, so my freezer is at capacity. This is 15 meals for us.

Mister is headed out for a 30 mile ride (he has a tri in October) and I’m hoping to get some stitching done while I wait on him to come back.  Later this afternoon I’m shopping for more weapons and tools.

Still no sewing this week, but I hate starting something when I only have a few minutes.  There will be plenty of time after shopping and the rest of the weekend.

A whole lot of not much

I know I’ve been doing things, but I don’t feel like it’s been anything special enough to blog about. 😉

My days are slowly falling into routine, but I’ve been feeling exceptionally lazy.  I can’t even tell you what I did on Tuesday!  I have been reading a bit more, than in the last couple of weeks, and maybe that’s why.

Yesterday was Zumba and it was torture for all of us.  In fact it’s the first time I’ve seen the instructor drip sweat.  The air returns weren’t working properly, our humidity has been high for us, and one of the fans had a short in the plug.  I sweat all the time during class, but this was the first time I dreaded bending over since it would drip off the end of my nose, every single time.   I was starving when I got home at 10:30 and it wore me out.  I ended up taking a 1 1/2 hour nap later that afternoon.

I did get some good mail yesterday.  My EQ7 Dear Jane software arrived.  I couldn’t wait to get upstairs after supper to get it downloaded and play with it.

Dear Jane

Dear Jane

I plan on paper piecing as much of it as I can.  Still not firm on the colorway, but I’m leaning toward the Amish version.


Mister is in class all day.  This morning I’ve spent quite a bit of time in front of the computer uploading photos and creating drop down boxes for my Quilts tab.  But my refrigerator is almost empty and we can just about say “there’s nothing to eat in the house” so I need to head to the store.  Planning on getting back upstairs and hit the sewing machine afterward since I’m very behind in my Civil War Club projects and need to get busy!

Weighing In

This week was a bit of an experiment.  The results were not totally surprising, but a couple of things did come as a surprise.

Beginning weight:  266
Last week: 253.6
This week: 253.4 (-.2)
Total loss to date: -12.6

Beginning measurements: (C 45.5 – W 47.8 – H 54.8)
Last week / This week:
Chest 45  /  44.1  (-.9 / -1.4)
Waist 45  /   47.8  ( I changed the location of where I’m measuring)
Hips 54.4  /  54.4  (-0 / -.4)

Beginning Fat%/BMI: 47.2% / 40.6

Last week / This week:
Fat 46.8%  /  47.2%  (+.4  / -0)
BMI 40.6 / 40.6 (0 / 0)

I ate away from the house 3 times this week.  I shrugged my shoulders at all of those places and ate things that I knew were completely off my healthy diet.  When I have been home I haven’t eaten like I was, probably not enough.  I learned that if I get in a rut, I get lazy and don’t eat properly at home.  I have also not been drinking enough water.  I have not felt well this week.  My ankles have been swollen at the end of each day (I haven’t had this problem in weeks).  I haven’t been sleeping well (again, haven’t had this problem in weeks).

With the exception of my weight loss (and my waist measurement) I am not surprised by the numbers above.  It’s proof to me that I need to be doing what I was doing, and stick to it, at home and away.

I did have 3 physical days this past week.

This week, it’s back to clean eating, drinking my water, and continuing with the 3 physical days.

Weigh In

Beginning weight:  266
Last week: 252.6
This week: 253.6 (+1)
Total loss to date: -12.4

Beginning measurements: (C 45.5 – W 47.8 – H 54.8)
Last week / This week:
Chest 44.7 / 45  (+.3 / -.5)
Waist 46.4 / 45  (-1.4 / – 2.8)
Hips 54.2  / 54.4  (+.2 / -.4)

Beginning Fat%/BMI: 47.2% / 40.6

Last week / This week:
Fat 47.4% / 46.8%  (-.6 / -.4)
BMI 40.6 / 40.6 (0 / 0)

Wow, the numbers are all over the place this week and I don’t know what to think about it.  I’m up in weight but lost body fat and inches in my waist.  Huh.  The only thing I can think offhand that I’ve done different this week is less fruit, and 1 more day of physical exercise.  Not worried, just confused.  Onward march.

Another day of physical exercise to be added this coming week.  So that will be 2 days of Zumba and 1 day of hiking.  I’ll lead the hike this week and if I feel comfortable I’m going to start hiking this route by myself while Mister runs the same route.  I have visions of him zooming by me and yelling “to the left” as he streaks by (movie reference!) 😀

Weighing In

Beginning weight:  266
Last week: 255.8
This week: 252.6 (-3.2)
Total loss to date: -13.4

Beginning measurements: (C 45.5 – W 47.8 – H 54.8)
Last week / This week:
Chest 45.2 / 44.7  (-.5 / -.8)
Waist 47.2 / 46.4  (-.8 / – 1.4)
Hips 54.6 / 54.2  (-.4 / -.6)

Beginning Fat%/BMI: 47.2% / 40.6

Last week / This week:
Fat 47.2% / 47.4% (+.2 / +.2)
BMI 40.6 / 40.6 (0 / 0)

The only thing I have to say about this week is that the first 4 days of the week I felt like I was hungry all the time.  I made a point of trying to increase my water by tracking it.  I also added in a physical activity day this week.

Next week’s goals are to continue to track my water, and add an additional physical activity day.

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