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Sunday Stash Report & a Flimsy or Two

Last Sunday, during my Virtual Quilt Retreat, I finished up the 6-1/2″ signature squares for my block.  Woohoo!

Yesterday, with the exception of the borders, I finished piecing Son’s Falling Charms quilt.  I have an additional 2 rows pieced that will go into the backing, plus another 4 blocks that will go into the border.  I have it folded up and stashed away to take to work with me on Tuesday so I can put it up for a photo-op, and pick out border and backing fabrics, and grab some batting.  I have a feeling I’ll continue with the plain black, though.  I’ll share the photo Tuesday or Wednesday.

Then this morning, I pieced together my JMLW Caramel Corn.   I have the backing and binding picked out from my stash, I just need to grab some batting on Tuesday for it as well, so the binding and backing fabric will come out of next week’s stash report.   I’m not completely happy with the placement of the blocks, but this was the first time I have appliqued anything, and the blocks are on point.  Two lessons in a tiny quilt.  I can see myself making this one again, in a table topper size.


So between the signature squares and Son’s quilt I did rather well in the “fabric out” department this week 🙂

Fabric added this week: 0
Fabric out this week:  7  1/4
Fabric added this year (April – present):  104  1/4
Fabric out this year (April – present):  41  7/8

Sunday Stash Report

I have received a few emails and at least one comment on the amount I’m adding versus the amount I’m using.  Y’all are so funny.  I do feel like all I ever do is buy, buy, buy, but I’m fairly certain my fabric stash is nowhere near the size of the majority of the people who are participating in the stash busting….thank goodness!  LOL  This is my whole fabric stash:


The bottom shelf is home to Black Betty, and my small amount of batting and a pillow form.  The shelf above that holds the few kits I own, plus the fabric I’ve “kitted” myself.  Above that are my pre-cuts and on the left fabric I purchased while living in Japan and during my visit to Australia.  That’s all!  Oh wait, nope, I have the very large stack of homespun on my cutting table for son’s quilt.  So, see I didn’t start with much, but I still wanted to bust what I already had.

Now, down to business!

Just as I thought, I bought fabric on my trip to Nashville.  I also kept to my shopping list and bought for the small quilt I’m making:


and blenders for my stash:


Back home I bought a little bit of fabric for a gift which will be going out next week so I’m not counting it in the totals:


and the focus fabric for this month’s Jo Morton Little Women club quilt (Four Square).


Normally I buy much more than those two cuts, so I’m thrilled I was able to restrain myself.  I know I have plenty of cheddar and neutral fabrics and am looking forward to pulling bits and pieces out of my scraps for the colored 4-patches.

I pulled a tiny bit more fabric for a local group that quilts for women’s shelters.  I also cut fabric for a small exchange.

Fabric added this week:  9  1/8
Fabric out this week:  1  3/4
Fabric added this year (April – present):  90  7/8
Fabric out this year (April – present):  21  5/8

Time for a design wall

I finally finished cutting and preparing all the blocks I need for JMLW Caramel Corn.  I still need to stitch them down and am trying to wait until my trip later this month.

DSC01596This is the layout, but not where the blocks will end up.  I was looking at the size so laid them out.

This also proves to me that I need to bump up my need of a design wall.  For these smaller projects I’ll make a smaller, portable one, but I really need to get the larger one put together before I start piecing Son’s quilt.

More Caramel Corn

The Tour de France started yesterday.  We DVR it, but since we normally get up early anyway we start watching over a cup of coffee and fast forward through the commercials.  Normally we are not far behind going “live” by the end of our watch.   This “interferes” with the time I spend in my studio, but I don’t mind since I’m really enjoying watching.

I live in Arizona.  This is what I hid from yesterday


It actually got up to 121!  Perfect sewing weather.

With NASCAR being rained out yesterday I enjoyed listening to it this morning after TdF while finishing preparing the “x” blocks of Caramel Corn.


I also got the “slices” from yesterday glued down.  Since I stand while doing this it’s tiring to my back and I have to take frequent breaks.  I now need to get the “half slices” and “quarter slices” prepared since I’m traveling by plane later this month and they’ll make a great handwork project for the plane.


Quilting can get messy!

I spent the morning pulling my hair out, using my seam ripper, and binding.  I’m working on a small project and I cannot believe how hard it is to bind something small!  I will try to never complain about binding a quilt again!

After a quick lunch, short read, and mini-catnap downstairs I came back up and decided to work on my JMLW Caramel Corn.  This project is the reason behind my taking the applique class last month.  It calls for needle turn applique but it hurts my hand and so I decided to do the P3 method.

Behold the mess I made making 2 of the blocks


The block on the left will have the “x” portion appliqued, and the block on the right will have the “slices” appliqued.  I still haven’t stitched them down.  Only 11 x’s, 6 slices, 10 “half” slices, and 4 “quarter” slices to go 😉

Sunday’s Stash Report

Bit by bit the little things are getting accomplished in my studio and I’m so happy to be at the sewing machine again!  I have one major “stuff dumping ground” I need to tackle but that’s going to need a trip to the Container Store this coming week. I also still need some shelving put up and some drawer dividers, but it’s getting there.

Since I finally have all my fabric in one place I can really start using my stash. I may just approximate what I have by eyeballing it some time this week.

But for this week….

Stash in:

This past week was my Jo Morton Little Women Club meeting and while I always buy fabric when I’m there, I have been trying to use some of the fabric I already have in my stash for the monthly projects.  But this month I knew immediately upon seeing the project that I would be buying new-to-me fabrics for it.  While the sampler colorway was predominately 3 colors, the quilt was scrappy.  I’ve decided to use the same 3 fabrics only in this one so I had to shop.  I did get lucky to buy end of bolts for a couple so saved a bit of money.

DSC01589The black fabric is the background, borders, binding, and backing.  The red and cream fabrics will be pinwheels centers in a cross-hatch.  This adds 2.875 yards.

I also snagged a much coveted FQ bundle of Jo’s new Prairie Rose fabrics.  These were sold in limited quantity to shop owners who attended the last market, otherwise, the fabric is only supposed to be available in the Prairie Rose BOM starting in November.  I’ll confess right here and now that I’ve signed up for it but only because my JMLW Club will be over then. Another 4 yards.


I have also been sorting fabrics for a scrappy patriotic tablerunner and found a great fabric for background.  It was also end of bolt and adds 1.25 yards.


I also purchased the binding fabric I’ll need for the present I previewed in the previous post.  .63 yards

In the midst of organizing last week I forgot to do a report so I’m also adding in my contest fabrics from Andover.  That will add 11.25 for the charms and 3.50 for the FQs for a total of 14.75 yards.

Stash out:

Gift fabric: 4.5 yards.

Fabric added this week:  23.5
Fabric used this week: 4.5
Fabric added this month: 27.25
Fabric used this month: 4.5
Fabric added this year (April – present): 71.375
Fabric used this year (April – present): 4.5

You think I have a problem?

Yesterday’s labor

I’ve added some Au Fil des Reves kits to my Sale page. I’ve included photos for them since they’re no longer in print and it’s hard to find photos online. There is currently one person interested in them, but until she gets back to me I’m not going to mark them as pending.

Here’s where I am in my newest quilting project. I won’t be able to show a finished photo until the end of July since it’s a gift.


It was great spending so much time in front of the machine yesterday and my shoulders were actually stiff last night which proved to me that it’s been far too long. Must not let that happen again. I have many projects cut, I just need to sit my backside down and get to sewing!

I’m off to my Jo Morton Little Women Club meeting today. I’m woefully behind in these, but they’re on my long list of WIPs that I’ll be working my way through soon. One more box to unpack and put away.

I’ve been busy!

Haha.  I disappeared again, didn’t I.  I have a good excuse, or rather several of them.  They all fall under “I’ve been busy.”

I’ve been busy taking Petite Mexican Sampler to the framer.

I’ve been busy taking care of the yard and veggie garden while Mister went to California to surf and visit with Son for 12 days.

I’ve been busy stitching on And They Sinned.

I’ve been busy going to my Jo Morton Little Women Club meeting and buying more fabric for the next quilt.

Jo Morton yellow, blacks, and oranges

Jo Morton yellow, blacks, and oranges

I’ve been busy buying more fabric. Period 😀


Jo Morton various 1/2 yard cuts


New quilt project

 I’ve been busy snuggling puppies.

Harley and Jasper being Harley and Jasper

Harley and Jasper being Harley and Jasper

I’ve been busy ripping things off the wall of my downstairs powder room and installing a new mirror and small cabinet, and ordering new glass rod towel bar and tissue holder.  (I’ll be busy putting the new holders up, then pulling everything down, patching old holes, then painting and putting everything back up as soon as those holders come in 😉 )

I’ve been busy reading the latest Black Dagger Brotherhood book.

I’ve been busy out by the pool since our temps are consistently 105+ everyday.


I was busy learning what a geek I am while volunteering for Phoenix Comicon over the Memorial Day weekend.


Hung out here a lot when not on “duty.” There was tons of interesting things going on here.



I’ve been busy winning a contest on the Quiltmaker blog.

I’ve been busy taking an applique class.


I’ve been busy tearing my craft room apart.


I’ve been busy rearranging furniture.



I’m supposed to be busy putting it back to rights right now, but decided to do this instead.

I’ve been busy pulling more things to add to my sale page, both stitching and quilting books.


I’ve been busy getting a part-time job at my local quilt shop!


Finally a photo update

I have been busy getting my SALE page set up over the past few days, so kept putting off posting updated photos of my miniature quilt, and stitching.  So here we are!

Jo Morton Little Women “Abbygayle’s Scraps”

DSC01467 DSC01468

I also managed to finish the stitching on Scarlett House‘s A Sampler Grows.   The cushion and fob still need to be sewn up and that will probably happen some time this week.

A Sampler Grows

Since I finished that I immediately started in on Milady’s Needle‘s Garden Delight, and made it this far.

Garden Delight

Every other week, when I’m not sewing, I’ve been stitching on And They Sinned and here’s where I started when I picked it up yesterday.


In the mornings I am supposed to be working in my craft room and sewing.  This is the quilt I was supposed to be making, and some of the fabric I chose.  However, it didn’t happen.  I don’t know what I’ve been doing wrong but I have not been able to get my HSTs to cooperate with the full squares.  It’s due tomorrow, but I’ll be taking in bits and pieces instead for the instructor to help me.  And of course I’ll be receiving instructions for a new quilt which means I’ll have 1 month to make 2 since I’m determined to keep up!


My mother’s Nantucket Rose is finally ready for her.  I stitched this back in 1999 while living in Okinawa, Japan, and she brought it out this past January for framing. I wish she had not gotten glass because it blocks the green suede mat that mimics the trees (and makes it impossible to get a reflection free photo 😉 ).

Nantucket Rose

And last but not least, Black Betty is ready to come home!  I shared a hint in an earlier post, but I finally got my hands on a Featherweight.   She came all the way from Canada, and, according to my sewing machine doctor, was in near perfect health.

Black Betty

She was purchased in an estate sale by a man and I feel like I stole her from him since, including shipping, she was just over $200.  LOL  Whoever the woman was that owned her previously obviously loved her.  The gold decorative paint has been rubbed away in the front plus the orange card you see is actually the original “service” card from when she was made back in 1948.  The only bad thing is because she came from Canada her instruction book is in French 😉  I cannot wait to sew with her.

Oops, one more thing! Recently, Kathy Tracy, of Country Lane Quilts, hosted a fabric giveaway on her blog.  It was sponsored by Andover Fabrics and was for the new Jo Morton Blue Variety.  I won a charm pack!!! 😀  I love this fabric (the blues you see above are from that line) and already have in mind a quilt I want to use the charm packs in.  Thank you again, Kathy, for hosting the giveaway.  Thank you Andover Fabrics for the fabrics.  I do believe the Jo Morton fabrics are my all-time favorites and already have in my possession the new Madison Manor line!

What I did on my spring break

and thank goodness it’s over 😉  I hate it when my routine gets messed with.  I can’t believe it’s been a week since I sat here writing my last post.  The past week has flown by.

Mister was home on spring break.  We were supposed to get the powder room redone, but it never happened.  The weather here has been glorious.  So much so that our pool has been in the 70s and he’s been in it when he hasn’t been working in the yard getting rid of almost everything.  The winter freeze this year really did a number on our beautiful yard.  We had to completely replace several plants and this past week has seen them in the ground and a couple of them even starting to bloom.  He also started getting his vegetable and herb garden going and has plans for expansion.  I need to get my camera outside and show you my beautiful snap dragons!  I can’t believe they bloomed all winter and are popping out all over again.

I, on the other hand, do not like to get dirt under my nails so I spent my time during his spring break piecing, layering, and quilting my little Abbygayle’s Scraps.  She still needs her binding whip stitched to the back but here she is in all her very bright glory.  Please don’t look too close, or judge too harshly, and remember I’m new at this.  Thank you.

DSC01462She finished out right under 18 inches square.  I learned so much while creating her and accomplished a lot of firsts.  This is the first time I’ve chosen the fabric completely on my own.  The first time I made a quilt in a non-classroom setting.  The first time I did it completely on my own with no one to ask questions of.  It was daunting to actually cut that first piece of fabric but I just followed the directions one sentence at a time and took it from there.  I did lose some of my points when putting the strips together, but I didn’t mind.  What I did get disappointed in was how much that affected the quilting part, but like I said, it was a learning experience and I know that the more I do it the better I’ll get at it.  I’m hoping to spend today and tomorrow finishing the binding since my next class is Wednesday and I want to be ready for the next project.

I do have 3 other small quilts cut and ready to piece 😀  It’s addicting, I tell ya!

Since the weather has warmed up (and we actually have used our AC!), I only spent the mornings upstairs.  As soon as it was too warm to go without AC I headed downstairs to work on A Sampler Grows.  This is how far I got this week


I managed to finish the stitching for the fob and got quite a bit done on the cushion.  The green floral you see is what the backing will be for the cushion.  I do have one “complaint” and that’s the little square flower.  The background is stitched in over 1 (as is the flower) and you can see it completely makes the yellow flower disappear.  I need to decide what to do about that.  I thought about picking it out but even under a strong magnifier it was daunting so I’m going to leave it and maybe stitch over the yellow in red.  There are 2 other flowers that need backgrounds filled in and I’m going to have to decide what to do about them.  It’ll have to wait though since it’s time to switch back over to And They Sinned today!

Yesterday was Sampler Sunday at Attic.  I love going to this since there are usually a couple of designers there sharing what they’re working on for their next release.  I’m so excited about Tanya’s new project because it has a skinny (greyhound) dog in it!  Woohoo!  If you subscribe to Attic Needlework’s newsletter I believe there will be a preview of it in the next issue.  And Gloria brought in the models for her Market releases.  I had picked up 3 design packets on Market day at Attic but she brought in another design that has the sweetest hornbook design, plus one that uses limited edition embossed boxes (which I grabbed 2 of).  It was discussed yesterday (and I checked this morning) that if the boxes run out of stock (since they’re no longer being manufactured) you can use Altoids tins.  You’ll just have to omit the border in the design.  If you go to page 13 of the current Attic newsletter you can see all of her designs.


Oh look!  You can see the back of my little quilt in this one 😉  The other design (in the bottom) is Cherished Stitches limited release Rites of Springs.  Every single thing you see on that pillow is included in the little kit.  It is unbelievably priced and you only have to add the stuffing.    I was drooling over the finishing fabric last night.  I see this moving up on my to-do list.  There is an upclose photo of it on page 5 of the aforementioned newsletter.

The other news, which was released this past week, is that Attic will be moving into a larger location next month.  I already know where they’re moving and what it currently looks like inside, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Mister goes back to class today.  I’m very much looking forward to getting back into my routine so I’ll end it here wishing you all to have a great week.

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