Quilting can get messy!

I spent the morning pulling my hair out, using my seam ripper, and binding.  I’m working on a small project and I cannot believe how hard it is to bind something small!  I will try to never complain about binding a quilt again!

After a quick lunch, short read, and mini-catnap downstairs I came back up and decided to work on my JMLW Caramel Corn.  This project is the reason behind my taking the applique class last month.  It calls for needle turn applique but it hurts my hand and so I decided to do the P3 method.

Behold the mess I made making 2 of the blocks


The block on the left will have the “x” portion appliqued, and the block on the right will have the “slices” appliqued.  I still haven’t stitched them down.  Only 11 x’s, 6 slices, 10 “half” slices, and 4 “quarter” slices to go 😉

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