Yesterday’s labor

I’ve added some Au Fil des Reves kits to my Sale page. I’ve included photos for them since they’re no longer in print and it’s hard to find photos online. There is currently one person interested in them, but until she gets back to me I’m not going to mark them as pending.

Here’s where I am in my newest quilting project. I won’t be able to show a finished photo until the end of July since it’s a gift.


It was great spending so much time in front of the machine yesterday and my shoulders were actually stiff last night which proved to me that it’s been far too long. Must not let that happen again. I have many projects cut, I just need to sit my backside down and get to sewing!

I’m off to my Jo Morton Little Women Club meeting today. I’m woefully behind in these, but they’re on my long list of WIPs that I’ll be working my way through soon. One more box to unpack and put away.

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