More Caramel Corn

The Tour de France started yesterday.  We DVR it, but since we normally get up early anyway we start watching over a cup of coffee and fast forward through the commercials.  Normally we are not far behind going “live” by the end of our watch.   This “interferes” with the time I spend in my studio, but I don’t mind since I’m really enjoying watching.

I live in Arizona.  This is what I hid from yesterday


It actually got up to 121!  Perfect sewing weather.

With NASCAR being rained out yesterday I enjoyed listening to it this morning after TdF while finishing preparing the “x” blocks of Caramel Corn.


I also got the “slices” from yesterday glued down.  Since I stand while doing this it’s tiring to my back and I have to take frequent breaks.  I now need to get the “half slices” and “quarter slices” prepared since I’m traveling by plane later this month and they’ll make a great handwork project for the plane.


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