Weighing In

This week was a bit of an experiment.  The results were not totally surprising, but a couple of things did come as a surprise.

Beginning weight:  266
Last week: 253.6
This week: 253.4 (-.2)
Total loss to date: -12.6

Beginning measurements: (C 45.5 – W 47.8 – H 54.8)
Last week / This week:
Chest 45  /  44.1  (-.9 / -1.4)
Waist 45  /   47.8  ( I changed the location of where I’m measuring)
Hips 54.4  /  54.4  (-0 / -.4)

Beginning Fat%/BMI: 47.2% / 40.6

Last week / This week:
Fat 46.8%  /  47.2%  (+.4  / -0)
BMI 40.6 / 40.6 (0 / 0)

I ate away from the house 3 times this week.  I shrugged my shoulders at all of those places and ate things that I knew were completely off my healthy diet.  When I have been home I haven’t eaten like I was, probably not enough.  I learned that if I get in a rut, I get lazy and don’t eat properly at home.  I have also not been drinking enough water.  I have not felt well this week.  My ankles have been swollen at the end of each day (I haven’t had this problem in weeks).  I haven’t been sleeping well (again, haven’t had this problem in weeks).

With the exception of my weight loss (and my waist measurement) I am not surprised by the numbers above.  It’s proof to me that I need to be doing what I was doing, and stick to it, at home and away.

I did have 3 physical days this past week.

This week, it’s back to clean eating, drinking my water, and continuing with the 3 physical days.

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One response to “Weighing In

  1. Looks like you’re doing all the right things. Stay on track!