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Would you like a little 'catchup?'

Kahuna’s tooth is bothering him less.  In fact, I can’t remember when he last had to take a Vicodan to sleep.  He had a triathlon last weekend and other than his knee killing him the next day he did okay with it.  I think he’s coming to the realization that 30+ years of running is bound to give you arthritis and if he wants to continue to pound the pavement he’s going to have to just SIUBc.  He’s on vacation this week (we cannot get our weeks off coordinated!) so he’s out surfing with his buds this morning. 

HarleyQuinn had her annual dental work done on Tuesday.  For those that know our history you’ll know this was a very stressful and worrisome day for Kahuna and I.   She came through okay, but you can tell she’s in some pain and now she’s on puppy Vicodan.  She followed Kahuna around the house all day long yesterday wanting to be picked up.  Poor princess 🙁 

It’s been hit or miss with stitching this week.  I have gotten more on Home of a Needleworker, Too, done.  I’ve finished all the way across the top half of the design (including the house but not the “of a” or scissor and thread) and am now stitching my way back toward the left.  I think I finished off “ker” a couple of nights ago.  We’ve been preoccupied and I haven’t been able to sit long enough to stitch as much as I want.  Tonight is a stay at home night for us so I’ll be stitching.

This weekend is 5th Saturday stitchin at Needlepoints, Ltd.  I normally don’t go on 5th Saturday since the regular get together is the next week, but I’m going to do my best to start attending the extra days so I can work more on my new needlepoint project. 

I have made a small unplanned “stitching” purchase since I last posted, but it was one of those things that the minute I saw it I knew it was perfect for someone.  It arrived in the mail yesterday but I was so busy last night I didn’t even get a chance to open it.

I also won a giveaway for a biscornu kit.  As soon as it arrives I’ll post a reveal and a public shout-out to the person hostessing the giveaway.

I’m in the process of gathering up some things for my own giveaway.  😀

Our manslaughter trial took a surprising turn and we settled it last week.  Now we’re in full swing getting ready for a traumatic brain injury case.  I think the outcome of this issue will pretty much determine Boss’s decision regarding his retiring or not.

I made a final decision on my stitching roadtrip I wanted to take this year.  I’m headed back to Mesa, AZ to take a class at The Attic on October 10th.  Melissa is going with me!  Fun, fun, FUN!  I’m sure margarita’s will be involved….or something similar 🙂  Who knows!  There might even be stitching.

Wow, this post is all over the place, but that’s how random minds work sometimes!  😆

Since I last wrote…

Oh my stars! I can’t believe it’s been 3+ months since I last blogged. I have meant, so many times, to sit and write about what’s been going on in my life, not because it’s earthshattering news, but because I wanted to remember it! 🙂

But so much has happened and I have a horrible memory!  What I can remember since I last blogged:

I’ve had the Shingles.  Boy was that fun.  NOT! 

We had our road trip to Mesa, AZ!  We were headed there on May 21st, but, thankyouverymuch Marine Corps, Kahuna could not get off work.  Then were headed there on June 18th but one of Kahuna’s friends died in a surfing accident and the memorial service was scheduled for June 20th (which was also Father’s Day and our 29th anniversary).   We ended up going June 25th and it was a very lovely trip.  I loved Mesa!  We’re planning on returning in the fall for some more searching.  We mostly looked from Mesa to the south and if it had been 9 months in the future we would have made at least 2 offers!  Next trip we’ll be looking to the north of Mesa.

Came back from vacation for 1 day and had to take the rest of the week off because I got sick!

I entered 2 stitching pieces in our county fair and got blue ribbons on them both!  Woohoo me!  It has been a huge boon to my stitching mojo and I find myself getting frustrated when something keeps me from stitching.  Yay!

Kahuna and I have started working out to the P90X program. It is kicking my @.S.S.! I actually have a love/hate relationship with it. I hate to lose the time it takes to do the program, but love that it’s actually kind of fun. It’s definitely challenging! I hate that I hurt so badly in almost every joint/muscle I own because it shows me how out of shape I am (I used to do step aerobics 6 days a week!) but I also love that I hurt because it’s reminding me that I am doing something about being so out of shape and I’m trying to keep reminding myself that next time it will be easier and hurt less if I don’t stop. I plan on taking my photo once a week to see the progress. I STILL haven’t heard from the hospital about the surgery and I’m upset with myself for waiting almost 6 months and not doing anything except the bare minimum they required. If nothing else comes of the surgery prep at least I know I am healthy since they put me through so many medical tests to get approval for the surgery.

I have attended a couple of stitching days with the group at Needlepoints, Ltd. I love getting together with those women. I can’t exactly brag that I get lots of stitching done but believe me when I leave there my soul has been regenerated. The bad thing is I’ve sort of picked up a new hobby…I’m being sucked into the needlepoint dark side.

I currently own 4 projects. Number 1 is quite old from a class I was unable to attend about a hundred years ago for a weight. I really need to get that sucker stitched up since I’m going to need it for the project I purchased this past weekend. Believe me when you follow this link, those that really know me will understand when I say project Number 4 is SO me 🙂

The 2nd piece I own I actually have had for a long time. I got it from Annette when she finished her project but was intimidated by it whenever I looked at it. Now that I’m actually working with a needlepoint instructor, I’m looking forward to stitching it.

Project Number 3 I’m actually actively stitching on right now. It’s a beginner piece by Margaret Bendig (the above mentioned instructor) and I’m enjoying learning reading the charting and stitches.

This new piece is being slipped into my weekly rotation. I did NOT finish the Queen for the fair (I just couldn’t stomach forcing myself to stitch on one project so quit stitching altogether). I really REALLY missed my rotation. Between working out 6 nights a week for 1-1 ½ hours and trying to keep us eating healthy, I don’t know how much stitching time I’m going to be getting on the week nights, but I’m trying.

As to stash acquisition.  Oh boy, have I acquisitioned!  Most of it has been Carriage House Designs.  But I’ve also shopped for my birthday, plus have some things coming from Mesa  from my trip to The Attic.  I am going to have to ratchet it down though and go back to stitching from my stash, except for purching what I need for my aforementioned canvas project.  Wish I could figure out a way to JUST SAY ‘NO.’

Since I last wrote I’ve also received a blogging award. Thank you so much Christina. There are so many blogs I enjoy reading. Please don’t make me list them though, since this post is going to be long enough as it is.  Suffice it to say that I read stitching and non-stitching blogs everyday and am inspired in all walks of my life by you all.

Finally, Kahuna put in an extension to take his current enlistment to March 2011.  In November 2010 he is putting in for retirement and is going to put January 2012 as his requested retirement date.  I don’t entirely understand how it works but supposedly he is allowed to say when he wants to retire, even if it takes him past his current enlistment.  January 1982 is when he entered boot camp so he’s going to request January 2012 as his retirement date to take him to 30 years.  Man.  30 years.  Who could have guessed!  Anyway he is actively saying things like “when we live in Arizona,” etc. and we took a tour of the university while we were there since he will be attending college for the first 4 or so years after he retires.  If things go the way *we* want them to he will be taking terminal leave November 1, 2011, and we’ll be headed to retirement land.

Which leads me back to stitching!  😀

I need to thin out my stash.  My tastes have changed so much over the past 35 years.  I plan on posting some to my blog, then put it on eBay, but if it doesn’t sell, what do I do with it then?  I don’t want to throw it away.  Any suggestions?

And while I’m asking for suggestions — I went through a lot of my WIPs/UFOs during my vacation/sick time off and organized them a bit more.  I actually only have a couple that don’t hold my *love* anymore — believe me I have no problem tossing them in the trash 😉 — but really don’t want to just in case my interest in them returns.  What do you do to re-peak your interest in a WIP/UFO?

I am very tired of Summer!

The design, not the season! 😆


I’m down to stitching exclusively on Summer Queen so I can get her finished by the end of the month.  I know it can be done, however, I am very tired of blue, blue, BLUE!  I took a photo of her last night when I moved my Qsnaps and I’ll share that later.

One thing I have learned though is that the little *rotation* I had going was great for me.  I miss the other designs I was stitching on.

I found a new framer practically across the street from where I work.  I had to come in a different route one day last week and there it was!  The little man who owns the place told me he does needlework framing so I’m going to take a smallish piece in and see what he does with it.


Jasper’s paperwork came in a week or so ago.  Both his parents were Champions.  His mother’s name is “Man Magnet” his father’s name is “Songs of Angels,” and Mr. Prissy Pants’ name?????    Hunka Burnin’ Fudge!   Kahuna has taken to calling him Vanilla Ice Fudge Baby.  😉

The postman has been kind

Yesterday I came home to a wonderful box from Vonna!  It was late when I got home (side trip to the grocery store) and I was too tired to open it.  I sent Flying Monkeys to her for finishing and she did a bang up job.  I was tickled pink by the photos she sent me but they were nothing to the actual piece.  Kahuna was there when I opened the box tonight and he likes it too!

These are the pictures she took (her photography efforts are better than mine!):

I highly suggest you think of Vonna if you need some finishing.  I have been reluctant to stitch so many ornaments because of my poor finishing skills, but now Vonna better watch out, she may have let loose a monster!  😆

The next package I got arrived tonight.  I mentioned on February 14th that I had ordered some more stash.  It was originally requested in January but was never ordered.  I fell in love with Rosewood Manor’s Quaker Diamonds when Becky featured it on her blog as a giveaway.  I wasn’t crazy about the fibers though until I found out from Melissa and Margaret Bendig that they also came in 6 strand floss.  I did a little internet research and found both the pattern and the fibers on sale at Anita’s Little Stitches.  I’ve been reading this lady’s blog for awhile and took a chance placing my first order with her.  I did this over the long weekend and couldn’t be happier with the customer service.  The only reason I didn’t have it earlier was because Monday was a mail holiday.  Let me tell you the Valdani fibers are scrumptious!  This will be high up on my to-do list.  I also ordered LIttle House Needleworks’ Battle Hymn of the Republic to add to my American flag designs.

Work is crazy.  A new person started this past Monday and between helping her learn the ropes and trying to learn new ways to do things myself I feel like I’m running in circles.  Throw in the fact that I’m still sick (8 days now!) and I’m exhausted in the evenings when I get home. 

I got an email from the Fair yesterday telling me when entries were going to start being accepted and they’ve moved it up from May to March!  Eeeeek!  Looks like I’ll be doing a bit of exclusive stitching on Summer Queen to get her ready.

Jasper is 100% officially mine!  We went over to his foster mom’s Tuesday evening and retrieved all of his clothes (yes, he has clothes) and toys.  Poor baby had 2 toys.  You should have seen him when he unearthed his hedgehog.  He was a crazy man and didn’t want to share!  Harley is in love with one of his fleece ‘jammies’ and we’re going to be getting her one or two to wear.  My change in attitude toward him has made a huge difference in how I’m feeling about him.  He really is a sweetheart (I know I keep saying that).  He just came in for an ear scritch 🙂

Guess I’d better get off the computer and settle in for some Olympic stitching.  Ciao!



  • penetration: clear or deep perception of a situation
  • a feeling of understanding
  • grasping the inner nature of things intuitively
  • This morning when I opened my email I had notice of a lovely comment from Margie.  It contained the following quote:

    Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love.
    They depart to teach us about loss.
    A new dog never replaces an old dog;
    it merely expands the heart.
    If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big.
    -Erica Jong

    Jasper is such a sweetheart.  It’s very obvious that he was not raised in a home that spoiled him.  He cringes when he jumps onto our bed – or any furniture that’s not the ‘puppy throne;’ won’t sleep in our bed at night; rarely jumps up to sit with me in my chair; doesn’t seem all that crazy about being picked up and held; sometimes runs from me when I bend over to pet him; etc.  I have found this offputting, and now I know why!  Now that I think back over the past couple of months I can’t tell you how many echos I have in my head of either myself or Kahuna saying how different he is from how Bandit behaved.  When I read Margie’s comment it became so crystal clear that I have been trying to make him replace Bandit.  I don’t know why I’ve felt this way because Bandit certainly wasn’t the first dog we’ve every had.  It’s so obvious Jasper is starved for attention because if you’re sitting and not paying attention to him when he enters the room he will whine for your attention.  Now I need to figure out how to make him less afraid of the things he now has that he was denied in his past life.

    Thank you so much Margie for thinking of me and sharing.

    Just a teensy update

    My emotions have been all over the place lately!

    I found out last week a family member has an illness that I’m not supposed to be worrying about (advice from my mother), but I am freaking out over it.

    The Saints won the Superbowl! 

    This week marks a year since I lost my HeartBandit.

    Kahuna is sick, and I’m afraid he has pneumonia again.  He’s promised to go to sick call this morning and I’m trying to be patient and not contact him to see if he’s gone.

    I had another medical test yesterday and am dealing with the afteraffects of it today.  Ouch.  Hopefully this is the last test.  I had to have it because something showed up in another test and because I’m having ‘elective surgery’ I have to be ‘healthy.’  Sigh.

    My stitching has been holding me together.   With that I’m still stitching on Home of a Needleworker. 

    I didn’t stitch last Thursday because we went out to the street market with the dogs.  Harley had an accident while there and it just put me out of stitching mode when we got home.  She’s okay, just a little bruised in a couple of places.  (Updated:  Harley got barely stepped on and because she was crowded by people and very large dogs she freaked out, got herself wound up in her leash like a yo-yo, and body-slammed herself into the street.  I was standing across the street with Jasper and it was scarry watching it and not being able to stop what I knew was about to happen.  I was worried that with her tied down on the ground she would get really stepped on or attacked by one of the other dogs.)

    I didn’t stitch last Friday because we went to the opera!  La boheme.  Front row seats.  Nice surprise from Kahuna.

    I didn’t stitch much on Saturday because I had errands to run, salon appointment, sitting in the pharmacy for an hour, etc.

    So last night I decided to just keep on going with what I’m working on since I’m enjoying it soooo much.  I’m in love with GAST Sable that I’m using for the roof and the upper and lower border.  I know I’ll be using it again in something.  It reminds me of mink, chocolate, warmth, and right now ‘roof shingles’ 😆  I think it would be great in a quaker design.

    I don’t feel too terribly bad about not switching to my next project because I am almost finished with Quaker Needlework Treasures anyway.

    This Saturday is another stitchy Saturday up north and I’ll be working on Summer Queen.

    What I'm stitching next~

    Wow, thank you for your comments. It’s so nice to know I have a little audience. I really wasn’t expecting anyone to weigh in and now that you have, I wish that I had put it out there as a giveaway! I will next time since I have so many things I want to stitch and it’s always hard for me to decide.

    I took all the designs with me to my Saturday Stitch-in. I also took a lot of light colored fabrics and almost all my GAST and WDW since I am trying so hard to stitch from my stash. So, since *we* have decided upon Home of a Needleworker (too!) I was able to *match* all the fibers, but ended up buying the blue for the house because I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough of the blue I had in my stash. I will post my fiber/fabric conversion on Monday 🙂

    In puppy news, Harley Quinn made her second *kill* today. We feed finches just outside our patio and she is always darting out the door scarring them off. Today she caught one and was kind enough to leave feathers and the head strewn all over the house for her daddy to find. I’m so glad I wasn’t here!

    I have several errands that must be run tomorrow so I have no idea how much stitching time I’ll get in. I didn’t stitch as much today as usually do. There was a whole love of laughing though, and browsing through the shop. I purchased a new set of 11″ q-snaps, the latest SANQ, and 1 Crescent Colors.

    Oh, and before I forget! Kathy has posted the fiber list for Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow on her blog 🙂

    Unexpected pleasures

    I’ve had a very good all around week.


    Received a memo that I will definitely be doing mostly work for atty J! Woohoo! I was also told yesterday that I could move my stuff to the ‘big desk’ which means more spreading out room for me. I think it also means that someone else is going to be brought in. The case settled on Thursday, which means the attorneys are back in the office. Late yesterday afternoon head attorney said he wanted to close the office on Monday so I’m getting an unexpected three-day weekend!


    Have caught them several times snuggled up to each other 🙂


    I spent the better part of the past week working on Needlework Treasures. While it did stitch up faster than I thought, and I was further along that I remembered, it didn’t get finished this week. I’ll post a picture later, when I put it away and pull out Summer Queen.

    I don’t know how much stitching I’ll get done on Summer Queen this weekend because I have been bitten by the stash bug. Not the buying one, the organizing one. I have been trying to post my stash on the picture portion of my webpage.  As of right this minute, this is how far I’ve gotten.  Oh my!  What a mistake this has been.  I have forgotten more than remembered what I have.  It’s almost like being turned loose in a stitching shop.  Part of me is tempted to see how long I could stitch without ever spending another dime…but what would be the fun in that.  I’m almost embarrassed by how much I have, though.

    One design I’ve come across that I have forgotten was Industrious Ladies.  Such a beautiful thing. 

    As I’ve been going through it, I’ve pulled out more stuff to sell.  I think instead of posting all of it on the page tab above, I’m going to list what I can on my webpage.  I’ll post updates here.

    I’m really looking foward to my day off on Monday since I’ll be starting Houses of Hawk Run Hollow.  I have the supplies to make up some thread drops and creating those is also going to put a dent in my Summer Queen stitching.  I’m not too worried about that though, since the next week will be devoted strictly to stitching on her.

    The storm before the calm


    It’s absolutely crazy in my office right now.  We have a trial starting on Monday and it’s the Attys first solo trial on a case we’ve had for 5 years.  It’s a really good case, and I think she’s really organized and ready.  There are always last minute details that crop up and that’s what we’re running around taking care of.  It’s a little stressful to me since I only work 6 hours a day.  I have an “if I could work those 2 extra hours a day things would get done” mentality.  We have another trial that starts immediately after this one and I’m still waiting to find out about subpoenas!  I have been pushing aside a bunch of work that I’m hoping to get caught up on over the next two-three weeks the attys are in trial.  I’ll be ready for this weekend!


    The dogs continue to bond.  Harley is feeling more comfortable around Jasper and becoming a bit more submissive to him.  She’s a little put out with us because her routine has changed somewhat but she’s adjusting.  Tonight we’re taking them both downtown for a walk around our weekly evening market.


    I’m more than half way through Flying Monkeys.  I think I’ll get it finished by tomorrow night, even with our trip out tonight.  I’m trying to decide whether or not to include the bat button or not.  I can’t remember if I said or not but I want it finished as a ‘door knocker.’

    Flying Monkeys
    Flying Monkeys


    Kahuna is in half-ironman training mode. He’s running and biking almost every day, plus some days he’s running twice. He’s built himself a new roadbike that he’s training on at work (another Cervelo). I swear my garage looks like a sports shop between all the bikes, surfboards, workout equipment, spare parts etc. His surfmobile is down and out and he hasn’t been surfing for almost 2 months. Gasp! The latest thought from him on retirement is that he’s going to gather his paperwork and turn it in for an extension. Everyone hold your breath, ok? tee hee!

    Still no word on my surgery date.

    This might just work out


    I got home from work yesterday to two very happy puppies! It’s so much fun to walk in the door and be happy danced to death. Jasper was yipping at me and Harley was trying to climb up my leg. That’s the way it used to be when we had Bandit, and I missed it terribly when Harley didn’t meet me at the door. She did, however, take up watching for us out the front bedroom window. She’s a growly girl so we’ve nicknamed her Mrs. Bruiser Cravetz. Jasper has been nicknamed Mr. Prissy Pants, since he’s such a prissy momma’s boy. 🙂


    I got off my lazy heinie and trimmed The Token back last night and surged the edges. I’ll wait until I’m walking out the door to the framers before ironing it. Hopefully I can take it in this weekend.

    I also cut, surged, and started stitching on Flying Monkeys last night. I’m thinking it’ll be finished by Friday. I guess I already need to start thinking about what to slide in its slot.


    Things at work were weird yesterday. Atty J told me that she told Atty D that he needs to hire someone to work strictly for him and let me start working strictly for her. She also told me what she wanted me to start doing for her, and I’m excited. Trying to not get my hopes up that it’ll happen, but we have two huge cases going to trial (one may settle beforehand) starting next week and that will free up a lot of time for me. I’ve spent a good part of this a.m. discussing the future with Atty J and I really hope it works out the way she wants it to because that means I’ll be strictly in litigation. Woohoo! maybe!

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