The storm before the calm


It’s absolutely crazy in my office right now.  We have a trial starting on Monday and it’s the Attys first solo trial on a case we’ve had for 5 years.  It’s a really good case, and I think she’s really organized and ready.  There are always last minute details that crop up and that’s what we’re running around taking care of.  It’s a little stressful to me since I only work 6 hours a day.  I have an “if I could work those 2 extra hours a day things would get done” mentality.  We have another trial that starts immediately after this one and I’m still waiting to find out about subpoenas!  I have been pushing aside a bunch of work that I’m hoping to get caught up on over the next two-three weeks the attys are in trial.  I’ll be ready for this weekend!


The dogs continue to bond.  Harley is feeling more comfortable around Jasper and becoming a bit more submissive to him.  She’s a little put out with us because her routine has changed somewhat but she’s adjusting.  Tonight we’re taking them both downtown for a walk around our weekly evening market.


I’m more than half way through Flying Monkeys.  I think I’ll get it finished by tomorrow night, even with our trip out tonight.  I’m trying to decide whether or not to include the bat button or not.  I can’t remember if I said or not but I want it finished as a ‘door knocker.’

Flying Monkeys
Flying Monkeys


Kahuna is in half-ironman training mode. He’s running and biking almost every day, plus some days he’s running twice. He’s built himself a new roadbike that he’s training on at work (another Cervelo). I swear my garage looks like a sports shop between all the bikes, surfboards, workout equipment, spare parts etc. His surfmobile is down and out and he hasn’t been surfing for almost 2 months. Gasp! The latest thought from him on retirement is that he’s going to gather his paperwork and turn it in for an extension. Everyone hold your breath, ok? tee hee!

Still no word on my surgery date.

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0 responses to “The storm before the calm

  1. Flying Monkeys is looking great! Glad to hear the pups are getting along. 🙂

  2. Your stitching is wonderful. It’s great that the dogs are bonding well. Will keep you in my thoughts Terri