Unexpected pleasures

I’ve had a very good all around week.


Received a memo that I will definitely be doing mostly work for atty J! Woohoo! I was also told yesterday that I could move my stuff to the ‘big desk’ which means more spreading out room for me. I think it also means that someone else is going to be brought in. The case settled on Thursday, which means the attorneys are back in the office. Late yesterday afternoon head attorney said he wanted to close the office on Monday so I’m getting an unexpected three-day weekend!


Have caught them several times snuggled up to each other 🙂


I spent the better part of the past week working on Needlework Treasures. While it did stitch up faster than I thought, and I was further along that I remembered, it didn’t get finished this week. I’ll post a picture later, when I put it away and pull out Summer Queen.

I don’t know how much stitching I’ll get done on Summer Queen this weekend because I have been bitten by the stash bug. Not the buying one, the organizing one. I have been trying to post my stash on the picture portion of my webpage.  As of right this minute, this is how far I’ve gotten.  Oh my!  What a mistake this has been.  I have forgotten more than remembered what I have.  It’s almost like being turned loose in a stitching shop.  Part of me is tempted to see how long I could stitch without ever spending another dime…but what would be the fun in that.  I’m almost embarrassed by how much I have, though.

One design I’ve come across that I have forgotten was Industrious Ladies.  Such a beautiful thing. 

As I’ve been going through it, I’ve pulled out more stuff to sell.  I think instead of posting all of it on the page tab above, I’m going to list what I can on my webpage.  I’ll post updates here.

I’m really looking foward to my day off on Monday since I’ll be starting Houses of Hawk Run Hollow.  I have the supplies to make up some thread drops and creating those is also going to put a dent in my Summer Queen stitching.  I’m not too worried about that though, since the next week will be devoted strictly to stitching on her.

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0 responses to “Unexpected pleasures

  1. Yeah, there’s nothing quite like finding out that you had more WIPs than you realized, more stash than you realized, etc. I just rediscovered a WIP when looking through my Flickr album. Congrats on getting organized, though!

    Good luck with HoHRH–it’s a lot of fun to stitch.