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Happy dancing

Today marks 28 years since Kahuna stood on the yellow bootprints at MCRD. It’s rather hard for me to believe that we’ve been married as long as we have, and that he’s been a Marine for this long. While it hasn’t always been easy, being a military wife, I wouldn’t give up a day of it. I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of anything in my life, than being his wife.

It’s so nice to be at work and have peace and quiet.  The attorneys are in trial and I’m slowing getting caught up.  I can already tell the difference just after one day.  I have grand plans of having the filing, supply ordering, and medical records updates all done by the time trial is over.

They continue to bond.  Both are camera shy though so I don’t have pictures of some of their cutest moments.  I do have these tho:

Watching mom type

Just hanging out

I have my first 2010 finish! I met with Melissa and Darla this past Saturday for an impromptu stitch-together. Thursday and Friday were rough at work and I needed some ‘me’ time and what better way to recharge than hanging out with your BSF (best stitchy friends). Since I was too pooped to stitch those nights, and was so close to finishing, I continued to work on Flying Monkeys and am thrilled to say that I finished it (I love that bat button!). I’m currently making arrangements to have it finished.

Flying Monkeys

When I got home Saturday night I immediately picked up Summer Queen and worked on her throughout the rest of the weekend when Kahuna and I weren’t out running errands.

Summer Queen

As soon as I hit ‘publish’ I’ll be off to work on this week’s project, With My Needle’s Quaker Needlework Treasures.

The storm before the calm


It’s absolutely crazy in my office right now.  We have a trial starting on Monday and it’s the Attys first solo trial on a case we’ve had for 5 years.  It’s a really good case, and I think she’s really organized and ready.  There are always last minute details that crop up and that’s what we’re running around taking care of.  It’s a little stressful to me since I only work 6 hours a day.  I have an “if I could work those 2 extra hours a day things would get done” mentality.  We have another trial that starts immediately after this one and I’m still waiting to find out about subpoenas!  I have been pushing aside a bunch of work that I’m hoping to get caught up on over the next two-three weeks the attys are in trial.  I’ll be ready for this weekend!


The dogs continue to bond.  Harley is feeling more comfortable around Jasper and becoming a bit more submissive to him.  She’s a little put out with us because her routine has changed somewhat but she’s adjusting.  Tonight we’re taking them both downtown for a walk around our weekly evening market.


I’m more than half way through Flying Monkeys.  I think I’ll get it finished by tomorrow night, even with our trip out tonight.  I’m trying to decide whether or not to include the bat button or not.  I can’t remember if I said or not but I want it finished as a ‘door knocker.’

Flying Monkeys
Flying Monkeys


Kahuna is in half-ironman training mode. He’s running and biking almost every day, plus some days he’s running twice. He’s built himself a new roadbike that he’s training on at work (another Cervelo). I swear my garage looks like a sports shop between all the bikes, surfboards, workout equipment, spare parts etc. His surfmobile is down and out and he hasn’t been surfing for almost 2 months. Gasp! The latest thought from him on retirement is that he’s going to gather his paperwork and turn it in for an extension. Everyone hold your breath, ok? tee hee!

Still no word on my surgery date.

This might just work out


I got home from work yesterday to two very happy puppies! It’s so much fun to walk in the door and be happy danced to death. Jasper was yipping at me and Harley was trying to climb up my leg. That’s the way it used to be when we had Bandit, and I missed it terribly when Harley didn’t meet me at the door. She did, however, take up watching for us out the front bedroom window. She’s a growly girl so we’ve nicknamed her Mrs. Bruiser Cravetz. Jasper has been nicknamed Mr. Prissy Pants, since he’s such a prissy momma’s boy. 🙂


I got off my lazy heinie and trimmed The Token back last night and surged the edges. I’ll wait until I’m walking out the door to the framers before ironing it. Hopefully I can take it in this weekend.

I also cut, surged, and started stitching on Flying Monkeys last night. I’m thinking it’ll be finished by Friday. I guess I already need to start thinking about what to slide in its slot.


Things at work were weird yesterday. Atty J told me that she told Atty D that he needs to hire someone to work strictly for him and let me start working strictly for her. She also told me what she wanted me to start doing for her, and I’m excited. Trying to not get my hopes up that it’ll happen, but we have two huge cases going to trial (one may settle beforehand) starting next week and that will free up a lot of time for me. I’ve spent a good part of this a.m. discussing the future with Atty J and I really hope it works out the way she wants it to because that means I’ll be strictly in litigation. Woohoo! maybe!

Reorg day

While I haven’t been stitching, I’ve been reorganizing and doing laundry. 

I cleaned up my WIPs page (tab up top) and re-ordered the designs listed.  I haven’t quite decided in what order to attack them other than the top 6.  The progress bars for HoHRH and Flying Monkeys are in place but not showing up since there is no actual stitching yet.

I added my Ofc page back in.  It shows the disaster that is my stitching room (not that I actually stitch in there).  As you can see I have some goals to meet in there as well, but there’s no deadline other than to get it done by the time we move from here, whenever that may be.  I’ll probably work left to right in there since I have several (too many to guestimate) designs that need to be filed away in the boxes on the first shelving unit.  I also probably need to change some of those boxes around.  The fabric not in too bad a shape, but I do have some stuff that needs to be added in there too.  I dread tackling the two wicker baskets in the third photo.  It is a major jumble in those and there will probably be many fibers that go up for sale/trade in them.  The fourth photo really needs to be updated since my desk doesn’t look quite that bad anymore.  Neither does the floor in the fifth photo.  The last photo is also wrong.  The copy paper boxes have been moved 😆  but they still need to be gone through.

Oh, does anyone know how to reorganize the categories in WordPress?  I’d like to move some of my stitching ones under the main category of ‘stitching.’

Has anyone ever had problems with a seller not receiving notification that you sent them money thru PayPal?  I purchased something from a well known designer off of her Etsy page.  I paid with PayPal, but when I didn’t have the item I sent a follow up email to her.  This is when I found out she never received notification of receiving funds.  I didn’t know any way to protect my account except to file a dispute and we are in communication and that has been mentioned.  She’s going to send me what I purchased, but I need to be sure she receives her money.  Help?

Here’s where I’m at on Summer Queen.  She’s been tucked away until next Saturday.

Tomorrow I’ll be starting Flying Monkeys.  I’m using the recommended GAST fibers and using 28 ct Lambswool.  Both fibers and fabric are from my stash.

Stitchy Saturday

Stitchy Saturday happened at my house instead of at the LNS. I just didn’t feel well enough to subject the others attending to what I may still have. So instead I played in my stash to help me with my stitching goals and then I stitched.

I think I have come to some firm goals:

1. Actual Stitching

Mirabilia Summer Queen – I’m already stitching this and it has to be finished and framed by mid-May in order to be entered into the fair.  I’m thinking I may stitch on this every Saturday and Sunday as well as devoting a full week to it.  The rest of the items I’ll stitch on Monday – Friday.

Carriage House Houses of Hawk Run Hollow – It will satisfy more than one ‘requirement’ for my rotation. There are 12 blocks and I am going to attempt to stitch one a month. I have a yard size piece of 40 ct Vintage Maple Sugar already in my stash, and I have been collecting the NPIs over the past year for this design and the Village.  Just need to measure twice, cut once, surge and go!(Fortunately, the other two HRH designs have not tempted me, but I hear there’s an autumnal design in the works and I may be in B.I.G. trouble when it comes out.)

Glory Bee Flying Monkies – new and small.  I want to put this over my desk at work so I can just point to it 🙂

With My Needle Quaker Needlework Treasures – this has been around for over a year (I think even over 2!) and will fall into the ‘smalls’ category.  I will decide whether or not to attempt the actual finishing once I get all the stitching done.  I may just ‘farm’ it out.  I do have everything for all the parts, etc., kitted. 

Once Summer Queen is finished I’ll probably add in my French Alphabet Sampler or La Marquoir de Justine.  I really would like for the two of them to be finished and framed this year.

2.   Framing – Most of the designs I would like to see framed this year will be going on a ‘sampler wall’ in my bedroom.  I am aiming for at least 6 designs.

3.   Stash Enhancement –  I have myself on a stitching budget.  I am going to try really, really hard to not purchase anything but we all know how that usually goes  😆  so I’m budgeting.  I have tons of fabric, so really can’t see myself buying any of that in the future and am going to try to stitch as much from my stash as possible.   One thing that has worked for me in the past is to trade for things.  I may try that when I start on #4 below. 

4.   Stash Downsizing –  I am going to be thinning out my stash.  I have some fibers to get rid of (anyone need to purchase the complete set of Vikki Clayton silks for HoHRH?) and I even want to sell some of my fabric.  I know I have some duplicates in charts to weed through, plus my tastes have changed over the past 30+ years.  I’ll be doing a lot of eBaying (user name is mcbcpsdca) and will post here when new stuff is going up and may even post things for trade before putting them up on eBay.

So for now, that’s it!  And can I just say that with all the football that’s on TV, this feels like Sunday to me so I feel like I’m getting a free day for stitching tomorrow ! !

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