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Speaking of giveaways

Right before the holidays, Kim, at Threadheads Unite!, had a giveaway and I was the lucky winner!  The link above is to the post where she showed the wonderful folk art print that has Noah’s Ark on the bowl.  I immediately knew that I wanted it for my “bible” wall I have planned.  I have several Adam and Eve charts that I’ve been holding on to and they will be great with this picture (which I swiped from Kim’s site since her photo skill far outweigh mine!)

Thank you Kim for a great giveaway.  I almost live for Thursdays to see what treasures you share with us.

Giveaway winner

I took the scientific method of declaring the winner by asking M to pick a number “1 through 6.”  I didn’t even tell him why.  His answer….”6.”  So Bine since you commented sixth, you are the winner!  Please email me and give me your address.  Email address over there >>>>>>>

Thanks for participating ladies.  I am going thru my stash and will have more.

I am an airhead!

I forgot to do the drawing for my first ever giveaway.  Total fail!  I’ll take care of it tonight.

The weekend is here!!!

My holiday from work ended up lasting another half day. It was very hard for me to go to work but I did. Of course my desk was a disaster when I got there….notes, scattered papers, new discovery requests, a new case file, all the little things that make me crazy because they all need to be done, all take up time I feel I could be doing BIG things, and all create more work in the end once they make themselves back to me.  It used to not aggravate me like it does now.

My roof has been repaired. The hole inside has been covered with a lovely clear plastic bag surrounded by metallic silver tape, and the tree in my backyard is now minus a huge limb that used to hang over the back roof. No telling when the hole will be properly repaired. We’re still waiting on a bit of drying out, I think.

We also had the cable people out yesterday afternoon. M was home for that though since I don’t understand that type of stuff. We have a new DVR box, and all of our ‘outlets’ and the ‘home port’ has been upgraded. This is supposed to mean faster internet, among other things. I’ve also been added to the account so hopefully I can get our master email account reset and I can get back into A Needle Pulling Thread so I can suck it into this blog.

Today is the first all day stitchy Saturday at Needlepoints, Ltd. It will be so nice to see the girls. There’s always so much going on there and we usually spend the day laughing most of it away. I am going to be working on my needlepoint all day. Hopefully I’ll be able to add some new stitches that have been drawn out.

I’m also going to be spending the night with Melissa. She has graciously agreed to help me with some computer issues. I’m going to take Summer Queen with me — in case there is stitching tinme — since it will be hard for me to work on the needlepoint piece at her place. I am so close to finishing!

I truly have my stitching mojo back. It’s all I think about. It has been about 2 years, if not more, since I’ve felt that way.

Unexpected holiday

We came home last night to a note stating they (military housing people) were trimming and removing trees in the area.  This means someone has to stay home to let them in the backyard (or they’ll cut the locks on the gate).  We also had a phone message that they wanted to get in and inspect our attic.  This means someone has to stay home to let them in the house so the puppies don’t eat them.  Of course the note for the trees covers more than one day.  The phone message covers this morning.  So, I’m staying home today.  If the tree people don’t make it today, M will stay home tomorrow.  I would much rather have had tomorrow for my day but M can’t get out of a military obligation for today.

This means I’m stitching all day today!  Woohoo!

Before I shut off this time sucker I want to share some puppy photos!  We’ve had Jasper for one year now.  He is such a large part of our life.  It has really been fun watching him turn into a lazy, lovebucket from a frightened, regimented show dog.  He’s the perfect example of why rescuing works.

Hump day already?

REMINDER! I’m having my first giveaway! Post in THIS THREAD for a chance.

The only good thing I have to say about being back to work is I cannot believe it’s Wednesday already. Hopefully this is a good sign that Monday through Friday will go by quickly.

Tuesday nights are movie nights for M and I. Last night’s choice was Voyage of the Dawn Treader. This is the first full length 3D movie I’ve seen. I was rather nervous about going since I cannot stand things jumping out at me, but M had heard that this 3D experience was nothing like that so I took a chance. I’m glad I did. I enjoyed the movie, and the 3D experience. There were only a couple of times I felt myself flinch.

We got home just in time to see the last half of the new Biggest Loser. (Mel I still want to watch the whole thing with you 🙂 ). Looks like it’s going to be an interesting season.

Tonight I have to get groceries or we’ll be eating condiments for supper! Perhaps I’ll have chance to stitch afterward.

TUSAL 2011

I have officially joined the 2011 TUSAL. I am #164 on the list.  I love that list! I get to meet all kinds of new stitchers just because of a piece or three of snipped string!

 I have posted the dates the photos are due in my column to help me remember to post photos.  Here’s my very first 2011 TUSAL photo.

2011 Stitching and a Giveaway

Happy 2011 to everyone!  I cannot believe it’s a new year already.  The week between Christmas and the 1st went by way too fast for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed my staycation. 

I cooked; cleaned; rearranged (can’t find anything in my dressing area right now); filled a 36 gallon trash bag full of clothing from M and I (I have 10 empty hangers!) and tupperware for Goodwill; shampooed M’s office and the living room; got my nails done twice; played with the puppies; watched a whole bunch of football; cleared my DVR; watched a man cut a 18×6″ hole in the ceiling of my kitchen (which now has a beautiful orange “homer” bucket sitting under it); cleaned up THAT mess; and stitched, stitched, stitched. 

Notice anything missing?  I didn’t pick up my Kindle a single time!  Didn’t even think about it and because of that I am thisclose to finishing the stitching portion of Summer Queen. 

I finalized my 2011 Challenge list (see the tab up top).  It’s a mix of the different challenges that are going on in the blogosphere, i.e. new starts, UFOs, ornaments, etc.

M is reconfiguring the hard drive on my CPU. I cannot wait! I also have a notebook and have used it exclusively while on vacation. He also bought me an external hard drive so I’m working a little at a time moving photos around and trying to get ready to ‘updo’ my webpage.

It’s pouring here again today. We did a bit of driving around over the weekend looking some of the flood damage from the past weeks’ storms. As much debris as we’ve seen one week later we cannot imagine what some of those same places looked like while covered with running water. We are expecting more rain through tomorrow and maybe again on Friday. Nothing can be done about our roof (or the hole in our ceiling) until the rain goes away for an extended period of time and our attic can dry out. Sigh.

Now to the giveaway.  Back when Carriage House Samplings announced they were shutting down forever and ever and ever (yeah, right 🙄 ) I went on the search for several patterns.  One of the places I ordered from took forever to even acknowledge my order and when they didn’t get back to me after I followed up with an email I placed another order at another online place that immediately shipped to me.  Of course the first place mailed out to me almost on the same exact day I placed the second order so now I have two copies of this:

If you’re interested, leave a comment. I’ll do a random drawing on Sunday.

393 days until retirement!

Christmas Aftermath

It was as quiet of a day as expected.  M and I finally ate around 2:30.  I love being able to take my time in the kitchen.  I served turkey breast, stuffing, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, broccoli rice casserole, and rolls.  There are enough leftovers to carry us through tomorrow. 😉

I gave M a black wool overcoat.  He has been wanting one for awhile and they are so very hard to find around here.  It fits him very well and I cannot wait to see him in it over a suit…or even in jeans 😆

My gifts were received before Christmas.  I got a Juicy heart choker; pajamas, shirt, and several cosmetic items from a shopping excursion at  Sephora.  I was also able to order some stitching stash.  Specifically the charts for Anniversaries of the Heart by Black Bird Designs, the charts for Lizzie Kate’s Christmas Rules, and Stickideen von der Wiehenburg Rose Quaker.

I’ve been stitching off and on today – on my queen – while watching football.

I think I’ve narrowed down my 2011 Stitching Challenge designs.  Man, it’s hard!

Merry Christmas

I wish each and every one of you who read my blog a Merry Christmas.

Son is spending the day up north with his girlfriend – who spent last year down here with us.  I am preparing a smaller than normal Christmas feast for M and I, with a lot of help from HarleyQuinn.

I’m looking foward to a full tummy and lots of stitching.


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