This might just work out


I got home from work yesterday to two very happy puppies! It’s so much fun to walk in the door and be happy danced to death. Jasper was yipping at me and Harley was trying to climb up my leg. That’s the way it used to be when we had Bandit, and I missed it terribly when Harley didn’t meet me at the door. She did, however, take up watching for us out the front bedroom window. She’s a growly girl so we’ve nicknamed her Mrs. Bruiser Cravetz. Jasper has been nicknamed Mr. Prissy Pants, since he’s such a prissy momma’s boy. 🙂


I got off my lazy heinie and trimmed The Token back last night and surged the edges. I’ll wait until I’m walking out the door to the framers before ironing it. Hopefully I can take it in this weekend.

I also cut, surged, and started stitching on Flying Monkeys last night. I’m thinking it’ll be finished by Friday. I guess I already need to start thinking about what to slide in its slot.


Things at work were weird yesterday. Atty J told me that she told Atty D that he needs to hire someone to work strictly for him and let me start working strictly for her. She also told me what she wanted me to start doing for her, and I’m excited. Trying to not get my hopes up that it’ll happen, but we have two huge cases going to trial (one may settle beforehand) starting next week and that will free up a lot of time for me. I’ve spent a good part of this a.m. discussing the future with Atty J and I really hope it works out the way she wants it to because that means I’ll be strictly in litigation. Woohoo! maybe!

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0 responses to “This might just work out

  1. Hope your job situation works out perfectly!

    Glad the new puppy is settling in :-). I love getting greated at the door by my girls too.