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Happy Thanksgiving

We will be spending the afternoon with friends this year. This is the first time I have not cooked for my family, or gone to another family member’s home for Thanksgiving. I am baking apple pie and a casserole for my contribution.

My room is still torn apart.  My cutting table currently looks like this


Piled high! I’m in a bit of a panic over it since tomorrow begins Bonnie Hunter’s 2014 mystery quilt.  I’m attending a sew together on Saturday but I’d like to at least cut my fabric tomorrow when the first clue comes out.

Since there has only been sewing away from home I have spent a lot of time stitching. I finished Sam Sarah’s mystery piece and have picked out the backing fabric.


There was a laniappe included with the mystery so I started it.


My design wall is sitting stagnant but I’m hoping the painting gets started this weekend so I can get back to it.


I haven’t been a total slacker

Except for blogging 😉

Remember this post?  I finally got my Kona Color Card and have started deciding on colors for my Dear Jane.


I have a new link in the upper left side bar. Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery starts in a couple of weeks. I decided that since I have so much going on already, I would use 1 constant colorway this year.  I’m using an off-white print and Kona black to go with these fabrics.


No. I have not finished last year’s mystery. Don’t judge.

My guild is sponsoring a class with Bonnie after the first of the year for the Happy Scrappy Houses quilt. I also submitted a request to take  another class the next day, through another guild. We have to give 1st and 2nd choice and my first choice was Cathedral Stars.



2nd choice is Pineapple Blossom.

I am now the very proud owner of 1/2 season Arizona Diamondback tickets. We decided that owning full season tickets would be just too many games for us to attend. We have full-season perks tho, and I’m already counting down to opening day. We took a tour of Chase Field on Halloween. It was eerily quiet, but no one being there gave us the opportunity to sneak in a few places not normally seen on in-season tours (plus I think our rep was bored and not ready to head back to his office). I did remember to take a couple of Club House photos – our “LSU” pitcher’s locker


and one of the few remaining favorite players of mine.


I’m holding judgment on a couple of late season rookies.  Of course, the very next week there was talk of moving our catcher. I’m a bit disgruntled.

Quilt camp was a lot of fun and very productive for me.  Meal times were announced and we pretty much did what we wanted to the rest of the time. I managed to finish (except for borders) a quilt top.

2014-10-24 13.14.20

I have fabric for the borders just need to decide how to use it. Hoping to take care of that later this month.

I also started on my Peace and Unity BOM. Despite my continuously measuring my blocks they didn’t come out right so a few need to be unstitched and redone.  I’m loving them tho.  Here’s a couple of the 20 setting blocks.


Here’s a couple of shots of some of the works of the talented ladies in attendance



I’m making good progress on my SamSarah Mystery Sampler.


I started the 3rd, and last, section last night. Glad it’s going so quickly since the new Luzzie*Kate mystery started shipping today. I’ve already seen a photo of the fibers, and they’re beautiful. I’ve just about decided to go back to And They Sinned once both mysteries are finished.

We spent the majority of today running errands, which included buying paint for my room. Today marks 3 years that I arrived in Arizona and it’s taken me this long to make up my mind. I actually found an inspiration piece at IKEA a few months back but what I wanted to do was so far out of my comfort zone it took me a bit to just go with it – plus Mister Art Student said he thought it would look good 😉 So here’s what I’ll be working with.


(I did change the satin black to glossy after that photo.)

Last, but not least, here’s my handsome son with the love of his life, out on the town on his birthday. He still has that big bright smile.



And remember I’m not a photographer and mostly use my phone 😀

Sunday Stash Report

We spent the latter part of the afternoon yesterday taping off and painting the downstairs powder room.  I was a dripping mess by the time we finished.  Two people, in a very small space, with a 6″ A/C vent, that’s on the west side of a home in Arizona where it has been 114 degrees at 5 p.m.  Dripping!  But it’s going to be exactly as I visioned it when the second coat goes on.  Maybe Monday morning.

We also had our first “monsoon” rain and wind sweep through here yesterday evening.  Wonderful light show when we went to bed, and the sound of the rain on the tile roof is lovely.

We’re headed to a Diamondbacks game this afternoon, which I’m really looking forward to, but it means I probably won’t get any sewing time today.  I hope that ends up not being true because I did end up writing Deb Tucker about my problem and she wrote me back.  I now know what size blocks to start with!  Woohoo!

Fabric added this week: 1.375
Fabric used this week: .25
Fabric added this month: 1.375
Fabric used this month: .25
Fabric added this year (April – present): 80.75
Fabric used this year (April – present): 9.81

Halfway there

First off, Happy Fathers’ Day to all of the dads!  I sent my dad a card this year and received a sweet text from him yesterday saying he’s received my “beautiful card.”  I always have such a hard time picking out cards for people.  I’m waiting until a little later this afternoon to call him since he usually spends days like this with my brother and sisters (and their families) in Louisiana (where everyone but me lives).  I had planned on taking Mister out for a late lunch today but he has decided he’d rather have homemade grilled burgers and slaw.  So I’m off to the store to get the ingredients.

But before I head out I wanted to post a quick progress report, for my own need to see that I’m making progress more than anything else.  I’m tired of fabric!  My hands are so dry (and kind of dirty) feeling after hand ironing for two days. This morning I unfolded and refolded 3 of these drawers.


What you see in there are the plaids I still need to cut into for Son’s quilt and they’re going to stay right there until I cut them and put the rest into the cabinet.

So from last night to this morning:


The box on the bottom shelf (in the right photo) is really 2 boxes deep.  I need to pull the one in the back out and refold all the fat quarters that are in there.  But not right now.

So while there was no fabric brought in and no fabric used, at least I now am figuring out just exactly what fabric I have!


Another contest

Last week, when I was supposed to be doing something productive instead of cruising the internet, I submitted this photo as an entry in a fabric contest.


Yesterday, I received an email from Andover Fabrics that I won!


P.S.  The glass powder room fixtures have arrived, so I have to get busy supervising Mister 😉


Yep, I did it!

I have obligated myself to a stitch-along 😀

Nicola’s Scarlet Letter Year

I have chosen Gratitude as my first SL piece.  I have 3 other Scarlet Letter designs in my stash and will chose the next one once Gratitude is finished.  If you’re interested in joining in click on the graphic above and it will take you to the rules. (Link repaired! Sorry about that.)

Mary Wigham is home from the framers and on the wall.

In non-stitchy news, smalls tweaks to the abode still occur.  We are in the process of installing the stairwell pendant, and dining room chandelier.  A longer ladder is required.  The 17 foot one Mister bought is not long enough to keep me from having palpitations when he’s trying to do these things.  Last night, he had a few palpitations, too.  Thus the decision (naturally).

I’ve also started decorating for Christmas.  For the first time in our 31 years of marriage I am “allowing” colored lights on our tree!  LOL  This means a new purchase.  We’ve been twice and still don’t have enough!  Once more trip should do it.

Pictures of the new lighting and decorations will be shared later, when all the sawdust and shredded paper has been finally dealt with.




I cannot believe it’s been a year since I moved to Arizona.  I have no regrets in doing so.  While it hasn’t been perfect, I know that very few things are, and I cannot think of anything that has happened so far that has made me wish we had not made this decision.  I am thankful that I wasted no time in jumping in and taking a quilting class as soon as I did, and that I showed up as soon as possible at Attic Needlework to participate in their Thursday night open stitching.  I have made some wonderful friends this past year.

This time last year I was just sitting down for the 2nd time in our new home.  Our furniture and 200+ boxes had been delivered, the delivery guys had surprised me by putting our bed together since they didn’t want me to have to sleep on the floor another night (I actually slept on a blow up mattress the night before), the cable guy had unpacked one of our TVs and hooked it up and made sure my internet was working, and I was searching the internet for the closest place to buy a refrigerator, washer, and dryer.  I can’t remember exactly when Mister finally showed up to see our house for the first time, but I still remember how nervous I was that he wouldn’t like it!  😀

We haven’t done as much as we would have liked this past year, but we knew the first year was going to be a wait-and-see year for us while we got our bearings and learned to live the non-military life.

This past month has been a busy one for both of us.  Mister finished one of his classes which is a good thing since his studio art class has increased his homework load.  He’s still loving it though!  He’s already registered for next term’s classes.

We finally were able to replace my beautiful 370Z that was totaled last year. When I chose that car it was a toss up between a “toy” or some “muscle.”  While searching for my new car this year I drove almost every car I could imagine myself wanting, but ultimately I chose the “muscle” I didn’t choose the last time.  My new car arrived a couple of weeks ago.  I am so in love with her!

Dressed for Halloween

I finally put Haiku away and went back to Rose Quaker.  While I’m still not stitching as much as I was it’s been nice to stitch on something I’m enjoying.  This week will find me back to Haiku though, as I rearranged my living room last week because of new furniture purchases for the family room, and I now have the perfect spot for Haiku to reside.  I really am very, very close to finishing it.

As mentioned, we purchased a new sofa, ottoman, and two chairs for our family room, from IKEA.  I heart that place.  I could completely furnish my house there!  I chose a linen colored sofa and ottoman cover and the chairs are grey and linen checked.  I’ll finish out the room with some red accessories for now.  It’s a little weird sitting in the chairs as I’ve gone from snugglers (as my stitching chair) to a regular sized chair.  My new stitching spot is probably going to be at the end of the sofa since I can’t stitch without my feet propped up 😉 and there needs to be room for a puppy or two when I’m stitching or reading.

Yesterday, I went with Annette to the Holiday Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival put on by Rusty Barn.  It was much smaller than the quilt festival we attended there this past January but there was still enough there to catch my eye.  While I put back about as much as I bought, I still managed to bring home some really nice things.  I was looking specifically for 3 things:  (1) fabrics to make a red and white; and black and white table topper quilt; (2) fabric to make a traveling holder for my cutting mat and rulers; and, (3) a small wool penny kit.  This is what I ended up bringing home with me:

MITI scissor fob. Yes, the white and pink beeds really “moon” glow in the light.

ASU colorway pin chicken

A couple of painted wooden signs for my stitching room.

Since I don’t need another new hobby have so much spare time on my hands, I also brought home:

A beaded needlecase kit in purple, gold, and black.

Beaded necklace kit in purples

Bees wax, beading thread, and 2 nippers (1 for my quilting table)

Beed organizing box

Chain Maille bracelet pattern

I did manage to find fabrics for my red and white quilt, including a backing fabric and a cute red and white Christmas tree wall hanging kit.

Fabrics for red and while quilt

Red and white Christmas tree wall quilt

I could only find backing fabric for a black and white quilt and I may end up tea dying this and creating a black and cream quilt instead, depending on what other fabrics I find in the future.

Backing for black and white quilt

I didn’t find the penny rug kit I wanted, but I didn’t leave there without purchasing a couple of “wool” related items.

Wool pin cushion with old spring to mount it on

I am sooo in love with these wool ornaments!

Wool Christmas ornaments

Because I promised myself before I went that I wasn’t going to buy any more patterns, I bought this one

Halloween wall hanging

and this one

Small wall hanging

I’m deluding myself into thinking I can get all this done before January when the next Quilt Festival arrives.

Oh, and one other purchase.  I found a sterling greyhound charm.  They are so very hard to find and I snatched it up to wear around my neck.

After all that was done I hung out with Annette at her house for about an hour before I went and had dinner with Cathy and her husband.  She was in town for a class at Attic Needlework and because she has such excellent taste in new cars, the two of us wanted to do a face-t0-face.  It’s always nice to finally get to meet online friends in person.  We talked for so long after we finished eating that we were both embarrassed to see how many people were standing in the lobby waiting for a table!  Oops.

Before I go finish creating my wonderful pot of chicken noodle soup, I’d like to ask that anyone still reading my blog say a small prayer for my HarleyQuinn.  She has a cracked tooth that has gotten infected and created some horrendous (I am not exaggerating) swelling in her face.  Yesterday she could barely open her left eye 🙁  and the major concern is that she will swell so badly that it can cause her skin to split.  She has already been to the doctor and they warned us of this swelling but it’s still not easy to deal with.  She is taking antibiotics and pain meds, and seems to be acting like she’s not in any pain, but it is oh so ever painful to look at her.  The earliest we could get her in to have it pulled is this coming Friday and for those of you who remember our Bandit, you know how stressed out all of this is making me — so maybe you can include me in your prayers as well.

I promise to not take so long to update again.  I had some drama-mama stuff happen on facebook with my family this past week over election issues and I find myself not wanting to play there very much for now.  Facebook posting has caused me to neglect my blog and I feel really bad about that.

Chocolate Peace Offering

Since I’ve been super busy this weekend playing Marine wife and house decorator, I haven’t had time to take pictures…or stitch.  M had his unit Christmas Party yesterday so I was tied up doing that after a mani/pedi appointment.  Then last night was movie night for us so we settled down to watch something from our extensive library we haven’t seen in awhile.

Today has been spent at the grocery store and then cleaning.  I have an old buffet that belonged to my grandmother that her brother built for her out of wood he found on Galveston beach after Hurricane Carla.  I am setting out my small Santa collection on it for the holidays.  I also baked today and as a peace offering for not having photos to share, here’s the recipe.  It’s my own ‘creation’ and I’m calling them Brickle Brownies:

Brickle Brownies

1 package of fudgie brownie mix (I used Duncan Hines because it was on sale)

1 cup of Heath brickle (found by the Nestle Tollhouse chips in my baking aisle)

1 jar Caramel topping

1 tub of dark chocolate icing (I used Pillsbury because it was on sale)

Make the brownies by the directions on the box for fudgy brownies (not the cake type).  Add 1 cup of the Heath brickle.  Bake at 350 for 25 minutes in a 9×13 pan that has had the bottom only sprayed with non-stick spray.  Test for doneness with a toothpick.  Let cool for 15 minutes, then poke holes about 1 inch apart using a bamboo skewer.  Pour the cararmel topping over the top and then let the brownies cool completely.  Pull the lid and foil off the icing and microwave for 30 seconds.  Stir it then pour it over the top and let it set (about 30 minutes).  Enjoy! 

I’m sending them to work with M tomorrow for his Marines.

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