Halfway there

First off, Happy Fathers’ Day to all of the dads!  I sent my dad a card this year and received a sweet text from him yesterday saying he’s received my “beautiful card.”  I always have such a hard time picking out cards for people.  I’m waiting until a little later this afternoon to call him since he usually spends days like this with my brother and sisters (and their families) in Louisiana (where everyone but me lives).  I had planned on taking Mister out for a late lunch today but he has decided he’d rather have homemade grilled burgers and slaw.  So I’m off to the store to get the ingredients.

But before I head out I wanted to post a quick progress report, for my own need to see that I’m making progress more than anything else.  I’m tired of fabric!  My hands are so dry (and kind of dirty) feeling after hand ironing for two days. This morning I unfolded and refolded 3 of these drawers.


What you see in there are the plaids I still need to cut into for Son’s quilt and they’re going to stay right there until I cut them and put the rest into the cabinet.

So from last night to this morning:


The box on the bottom shelf (in the right photo) is really 2 boxes deep.  I need to pull the one in the back out and refold all the fat quarters that are in there.  But not right now.

So while there was no fabric brought in and no fabric used, at least I now am figuring out just exactly what fabric I have!


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