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Gut it or Partial It? That was the question.

I was just about ready to completely gut my room for the upcoming paint job, but Mister said he’d rather do it one section at a time. Almost half of every crafty thing I own is stacked on the bed or floor of the guest room across the hall. Nothing, including the sewing machine, was unpacked after quilt retreat and I’m going through sewing withdrawal. I am thisclose to finishing another quilt. Fortunately  a Friday sew-in is coming soon at my LQS.

While pulling things out, and stacking stuff everywhere, I’ve been giving a lot of thought about how to return it to the room. I’ve been trying to group thing together but I’ve just about decided to change the way I’ve been sorting my fabric and storing my WIPs.

The WIPs are all together in one pile and they’re being placed in labeled containers. I’m determined to not have more WIPs than containers. LOL

I love Bonnie Hunter’s scrap user system and need to figure out a way to expand mine without increasing the footprint it takes. For my non-scrap fabrics I’m going to incorporate some ideas I picked up from Jeni Baker’s The Art of Choosing series of posts. I’ve read both of these ladies’ posts numerous times and come away with additional tidbits each time.

Now I just need to finish moving stuff from the first paint zone and get Mister wielding that paint roller!

Another contest

Last week, when I was supposed to be doing something productive instead of cruising the internet, I submitted this photo as an entry in a fabric contest.


Yesterday, I received an email from Andover Fabrics that I won!


P.S.  The glass powder room fixtures have arrived, so I have to get busy supervising Mister 😉


March is National Craft Month

Did you know March is National Craft Month?  I didn’t until today.  I received a newsletter from a beading company I buy supplies from.  This sent me on a search to see if it was just a ploy to get me to buy something, but it’s true!  I found some interesting ideas on how to celebrate.

One of my favorite “crafting” comments was to “finish something you’ve already started.”  This actually cracks me up.  Who among us “crafters” has something that’s not already finished?  😉

It was a nice visit last night over Mexican food and stitching.  I think I stitched a total of 20 minutes.  I just couldn’t get into it.  Might be because I haven’t been there in a while and I needed to catch up with what has been going on, plus there were several new things to see, or maybe because as I was walking out the door at home Mister handed me a box from the postman that contained more fabric and I wanted to open the box and play with it. 🙂  Half yard cuts of Jo Morton’s Sweet Emelie line.  So, now in addition to the Crimson Bouquet I’m working with for Abbygayle’s Scraps, I have Sweet Emelie and Alexandria.  What?  I haven’t mentioned Alexandria?  Oops 😉  I need to get some fabric washed and ironed.  Afterall, I’m hoping to add some blue to my stash when I get to the LQS later this month.

I spent this morning cutting 2 inch squares and then cutting half of them into triangles.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll start sewing them back together.  Unless Mister comes up with something that needs to be done.  He bought me a new mirror for our powder room downstairs.  Now he’s hot to trot to pull the old one down, patch holes, paint and hang this one.  There’s goes my free time on the weekend.  He better not try to cut into my sitting in the sunshine time on Sunday!


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