The birthday celebration that hasn't quite ended

So, here it is almost 3 weeks after my birthday and I still have one more little thing to do as a celebration.  But I’ll back up a bit first:

I took vacation from 29 Jun to 4 July.

The day before my birthday I went and got a tattoo.  I have a couple of really bad pictures from my phone (I can’t download from my camera for some reason right now) and I’ll share.  It’s a leather strap that contains 5 beads that represent my mother, father, myself, Kahuna, and Son (right to left).  If Son ever has children, there’s room to add more.  On the other side is a feather representing part of my heritage.  Yes it was painful, and yes I cried…like a girl!  😆  When he did the strap portion over my achilles I actually felt like he was digging it out with a very blunt knife.  I can’t describe what the portion felt like on my actual ankle bone.  Let’s just say it’s over with and I never want a tattoo in that exact spot again….ever.


On the day of my birthday, I had a hair appointment. The girls that do my hair and nails are friends (the nail girl held my hand – figuratively – while I got my tattoo). They had balloons, etc., for me and it was a fun morning. My hair has been growing out and it’s down to my shoulders now plus I had it colored a deep reddish brown color…more red than brown. When he left the house that morning Kahuna said he wanted me to come home a blonde. A little easier said that done and now I’m sporting some not quite strawberry blonde hair. More blonde than strawberry though 🙂 I so love being a girl!

Wednesday was a day of shopping just by myself. I didn’t buy but a couple of shirts, but I loved that I could get up, take my time and not have to be back anywhere at any certain time.

Thursday Kahuna was off early and he’d called and made arrangements from some friends who lived down south to meet up with us at this hamburger joint I wanted to eat at for my birthday. They have killer milkshakes and onion rings and the atmosphere is all bohemian. They gave me movie tickets, then we headed to their house for a movie and coconut pie (my fave pie). I was also introduced to a new liquor from Spain. It’s 43 or something like that and it tastes like vanilla.

I actually can’t remember specifically what else happened during the week on what day. The fair had been ‘in town’ so we went 3 times. I love going to the fair. We go mostly for the concerts and saw Joan Jett, B-52’s, and Patty Smythe. I went to the stitching ‘barn’ and nearly cried over how few entries there were. I swear (and Kahuna brought it up as well) there was only 1/4 what has been there in the past. This struck a stitching fire in me and I’m dragging stuff out left and right. Kahuna has already promised to have stuff framed for me, and that’s really what has been holding me back.

That tattoo up above a a gift to myself. I always treat myself right on a big birthday, and 50 is big. In addition to the tattoo I bought myself a yellow nano iPod to go with the new speakers Kahuna bought me.


Nissan 370Z – 7 speed – I am in love!

That one more thing I mentioned above is dinner at Brennan’s at Disneyland since I didn’t get to go to New Orleans. I can’t wait to get me some Bananas Foster cher!!!

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0 responses to “The birthday celebration that hasn't quite ended

  1. Wow!!! It’s going to see odd seeing you in something other than the previous Bumble Z though. 😉

    Regarding the stitching at the fair, the same thing happened at OC this year, too. I’ve not been to the fair, but several stitching friends who have gone told me there was virtually no stitching there this year. 🙁

    Glad to hear you had such a great birthday. Your tat is awesome!

  2. You know what? That stitching thing has happened here too! Apparently not much entered. But I digress. That car is HOT! I just asked my DD (who is a BIG car fan, just ask Melissa) if she’d seen one & she said it’s her favourite car. Woo hoo…you lucky duck. I asked my DH what he was gonna get me for my 50th & he just left the room. 🙁

  3. Happy belated birthday and great pics! Love the car :-).