Happy dancing

Today marks 28 years since Kahuna stood on the yellow bootprints at MCRD. It’s rather hard for me to believe that we’ve been married as long as we have, and that he’s been a Marine for this long. While it hasn’t always been easy, being a military wife, I wouldn’t give up a day of it. I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of anything in my life, than being his wife.

It’s so nice to be at work and have peace and quiet.  The attorneys are in trial and I’m slowing getting caught up.  I can already tell the difference just after one day.  I have grand plans of having the filing, supply ordering, and medical records updates all done by the time trial is over.

They continue to bond.  Both are camera shy though so I don’t have pictures of some of their cutest moments.  I do have these tho:

Watching mom type

Just hanging out

I have my first 2010 finish! I met with Melissa and Darla this past Saturday for an impromptu stitch-together. Thursday and Friday were rough at work and I needed some ‘me’ time and what better way to recharge than hanging out with your BSF (best stitchy friends). Since I was too pooped to stitch those nights, and was so close to finishing, I continued to work on Flying Monkeys and am thrilled to say that I finished it (I love that bat button!). I’m currently making arrangements to have it finished.

Flying Monkeys

When I got home Saturday night I immediately picked up Summer Queen and worked on her throughout the rest of the weekend when Kahuna and I weren’t out running errands.

Summer Queen

As soon as I hit ‘publish’ I’ll be off to work on this week’s project, With My Needle’s Quaker Needlework Treasures.

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0 responses to “Happy dancing

  1. The puppies are too cute, as always. Your stitching looks great! Summer Queen is progressing nicely!

  2. Such cute puppies 🙂

    Summer is looking very familiar! LOL I need to catch up with you!

  3. Congratulations on the new puppy! Jasper is so cute and it’s nice to hear he is bonding with Harley. I feed my dogs raw and once you get used to making the food it goes really smoothly. Of course it helps to have small dogs. 🙂

  4. Wonderful finish Terri I love that bat button too. And Summer Queen looks fantastic

  5. well done on your first finish for the year ^^ and have to agree with other coments, Summer Queen is looking stunning