Stitchy Saturday

Stitchy Saturday happened at my house instead of at the LNS. I just didn’t feel well enough to subject the others attending to what I may still have. So instead I played in my stash to help me with my stitching goals and then I stitched.

I think I have come to some firm goals:

1. Actual Stitching

Mirabilia Summer Queen – I’m already stitching this and it has to be finished and framed by mid-May in order to be entered into the fair.  I’m thinking I may stitch on this every Saturday and Sunday as well as devoting a full week to it.  The rest of the items I’ll stitch on Monday – Friday.

Carriage House Houses of Hawk Run Hollow – It will satisfy more than one ‘requirement’ for my rotation. There are 12 blocks and I am going to attempt to stitch one a month. I have a yard size piece of 40 ct Vintage Maple Sugar already in my stash, and I have been collecting the NPIs over the past year for this design and the Village.  Just need to measure twice, cut once, surge and go!(Fortunately, the other two HRH designs have not tempted me, but I hear there’s an autumnal design in the works and I may be in B.I.G. trouble when it comes out.)

Glory Bee Flying Monkies – new and small.  I want to put this over my desk at work so I can just point to it 🙂

With My Needle Quaker Needlework Treasures – this has been around for over a year (I think even over 2!) and will fall into the ‘smalls’ category.  I will decide whether or not to attempt the actual finishing once I get all the stitching done.  I may just ‘farm’ it out.  I do have everything for all the parts, etc., kitted. 

Once Summer Queen is finished I’ll probably add in my French Alphabet Sampler or La Marquoir de Justine.  I really would like for the two of them to be finished and framed this year.

2.   Framing – Most of the designs I would like to see framed this year will be going on a ‘sampler wall’ in my bedroom.  I am aiming for at least 6 designs.

3.   Stash Enhancement –  I have myself on a stitching budget.  I am going to try really, really hard to not purchase anything but we all know how that usually goes  😆  so I’m budgeting.  I have tons of fabric, so really can’t see myself buying any of that in the future and am going to try to stitch as much from my stash as possible.   One thing that has worked for me in the past is to trade for things.  I may try that when I start on #4 below. 

4.   Stash Downsizing –  I am going to be thinning out my stash.  I have some fibers to get rid of (anyone need to purchase the complete set of Vikki Clayton silks for HoHRH?) and I even want to sell some of my fabric.  I know I have some duplicates in charts to weed through, plus my tastes have changed over the past 30+ years.  I’ll be doing a lot of eBaying (user name is mcbcpsdca) and will post here when new stuff is going up and may even post things for trade before putting them up on eBay.

So for now, that’s it!  And can I just say that with all the football that’s on TV, this feels like Sunday to me so I feel like I’m getting a free day for stitching tomorrow ! !

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  1. I had a little giggle when I read “Fortunately, the other two HRH designs have not tempted me” – I’ve been tempted by the other two, and have both of them in my stash – I’m about half way done with Shores, and I’ll be starting the Christmas piece as soon as I’m done with that.