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A whole lot of spending going on

Yesterday Mister and I went shopping.  It’s been a long time since the 2 of us shopped like this.  I had a list and some coupons and was on a mission to replace some things and wanted his opinion.  I love to shop with him.

First stop, not on my list but his, was Sports Chalet.  He wanted me to have an easy to carry water bottle for our hikes since he’s going to start running and leaving me hiking on my own.  He normally humps a Camelback. I also needed a whistle.  Isn’t he thoughtful?

Next was Bed, Bath and Beyond and here’s where I did some major damage.  I had 20% off coupons from before September 2011 😀  I love BB&B!

Asian Fusion Wok and Spider

Asian Fusion Wok and Spider

We eat a lot of stir fried foods and even though I lived in Okinawa for 6 years I’ve never owned a wok.  It’s been on my wish list for a long time, but it seems like other things always bumped it down the list.  I also wanted a spider since they’re great for poaching eggs.

Salad spinner, dressing carafe, storage jar, Spirooli

Salad spinner, dressing carafe, storage jar, Spirooli

I bought the cheapest salad spinner I could find.  I didn’t want a fancy one, and I wanted a small one since I normally wash our greens after I’ve chopped them.  My current dressing carafe leaks so it needed replacing.  The storage jar is the first of several I’ll be buying for my non-gluten baking goods.  And the Spirooli!  I can’t wait to start using it for zucchini noodles, etc.  Huge shout out and “thank you” to Mel for all of our back and forth texting and email conversations about this lovely 😀

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro 7" Santoku Knife and Steel

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro 7″ Santoku Knife and Steel

I have had Henckels knives for about 5 years. Mister bought me paring and utility knives for Christmas one year, and it was an immediate love affair. I never knew I was that capable with a kitchen knife until I had a quality one to use. Good knives, and a good cutting board (I use bamboo), are miracle makers, and while I’ve always loved to cook, those 3 items ramped up my skills. The next year I bought myself a 5 1/2″ Santoku knife and just about swooned. It was so much better than my slicing knife. I’ve had a steel for a while, but lately my knives have felt like I needed to sharpen them more often. Yesterday, I found out that the steel I have been using wasn’t hard enough for the Henckels. I went in to the store to buy myself a Chef’s knife, but ended up with a 7″ Santoku instead after my 30 minute conversation with the “knife guy.” I had to go find Mister afterward, since he got bored and wandered off. LOL I still have that chef’s knife and a peeling knife on my wish list. I also have the bread knife, but am now considering taking it off the list since, hey!, I don’t eat bread anymore. 😉

I headed over to another store to look at sheets but decided on some at BB&B and trotted back in there to snatch them.

I have 1 more purchase to make.  I want a Lodge 6-qt Enameled Dutch Oven, and a Lodge 8-9″ skillet, then I’ll be set.

Mister’s 35 mile bike ride had him dragging and he wanted lunch at Olive Garden.  Of course, by that time it was 1:30.  What I ordered was okay, and I left food there instead of bringing it home.  Since we ate so late we ended up just having a snack at 8 last night.

I guess I’ve made up my mind about which version of Dear Jane I want to do. I had posted a photo of an Amish version in this blog post, and this morning I ordered this:

Kona Swatch Card

Kona Swatch Card

303 cotton swatches.

Still haven’t sewn this weekend. I did stitch last night during the LSU game. Boy was THAT something to raise my blood pressure.

Today’s a lazy day. A little bit of laundry, and decide how to prepare some salmon for dinner tonight, are my only have-to-dos for the day.   Want to get a Wild & Goosey block stitched up and then get on my Civil War Club tablerunner.

Barium…it's what's for breakfast!

and lunch and supper.  Yum!  Not.  I have a CT scan on Monday so have started ‘prepping’ for it.  Not being one for ‘flavored’ items, drinking berry flavored barium for breakfast immediately kicks in my gag reflex.  Actually, just smelling the stuff got me started.

I had a psych appointment on Tuesday.  Nothing like drudging through all 50 years of your life — starting at the moment you were born — with a stranger.  Needless to say with some of the skeletons in my closet this has been a rough week for me.  Not sleeping, or if I do immediately go to sleep waking up at 3 a.m. and not being able to get back to sleep.

I have several more appointments to make between now and December 14th.  On that day one of my doctors will decide if I’m ready to be referred for surgery during January.

Today Kahuna and I are going to see ‘New Moon.’  Housing shut our water off at 6 a.m. this morning and we’ve already been showered and shaved, filled our tubs with water for the toilets), had our breakfast, entertained Harley (an all day affair, anyway), and are nursing a cup of coffee while we play on our respective computers.  I intend on spending the majority of today (while not at the movies) watching college football, DVRd stuff, and stitching (working exclusively on Summer Queen).  I’d like to start up a “goodreads’ on my facebook, too, but that might wait until tomorrow since I won’t be able to leave the house.

Although I haven’t posted it here (I don’t think?) Harley smacked Kahuna in his left eye a couple of weeks ago and tore his cornea.  At his last appointment this week he was told it’s as healed as it’s going to be, and there’s a wrinkle in the cornea.  He’s having vision problems because of it and they’re talking LASIK surgery….again.  This will be the 3d time for that eye…his good eye.  Sigh.  He’s undecided about having it, but has set an appointment with the doctor who did the first two (he’s the eye doctor for the San Diego Chargers) and I think he’ll decide based upon that opinion.

We’re headed to Disneyland on Thursday for our almost annual Thanksgiving tradition.  There are rarely any lines for any of the rides on that day and they serve turkey and dressing at the major eateries.  We try to eat at the Blue Bayou for lunch (but this year we waited too late to get reservations) and in downtown Disney at Brennan’s for supper to get our Louisiana fix every year.  We did manage reservations at Brennan’s and may even head over there for lunch and get a poboy.  I love Disneyland, especially this time of year.  The carols and fireworks in the evening even make me cry and miss home.  Kahuna and I are both still kids enough that we have a good time, just the two of us.


So, where was I? Oh, yeah!

Thank you for your emails this past week. I’m sorry I turned off comments, but I just didn’t want to have a bunch of comments that made me feel like everyone felt sorry for me. I don’t feel sorry for myself that I’ve made this decision – in fact, I’ve had a great stressfree week, knowing what I had waiting for me the upcoming weekend.

This is the first Saturday in a long time that I have absolutely no obligations.  The ONLY thing I have to do this weekend is go grocery shopping.  That leaves lot a ton of room for catching up on my DVR’d stuff, stitching 😉 and maybe a load of laundry or two. I do plan to ride this weekend though.

Kahuna has been fighting off ‘pneumonia’ since the weekend before last.  He finally went to the doctor and had his lungs xrayed this past Thursday.  Thankfully they are clear.  He got pneumonia (for the first time) in bootcamp 100 years ago and didn’t have it again until about 1999, when he got it twice in a 3 month span and has had it (what feels like) every other year since then.  It scares me and I get all hovery and naggy about going to the doctor.  So he’s hanging out in the garage doing some tweaking to his tri-bike instead of surfing like he really would rather be doing trying not to cough up a lung.

I watched the first episode of Fringe bright and early this morning and thought it good enough to keep watching it.  In the past I seemed to miss out on a lot of early showings because we go to bed so early and everything is on at 10:00 p.m. here.  That’s changed a bit since we finally broke down and got a DVR.  I have a couple of West Wing DVDs waiting for me to stitch to today, and this afternoon will find me in front of the TV watching the LSU/Auburn game.  Need I say . . . Geaux Tigers? 

So, where was I?

Training – I finally bit the dust and rode on heavy traffic roads this week.  The first attempt I swear there were a couple of times I actually closed my eyes and prayed that I wouldn’t get run over.  There are a LOT of road-ragers living here that hate cyclists.  I survived and will do it again this week – at a further distance.  Kahuna goes with me and that helps me feel safe.  At least if I get run over, I’ll have a witness 😉

Work – going okay.  The paralegal who went out on extended sick leave 2 weeks after I started returned about 4 weeks ago to work 4 hours a day.  It’s definitely taken a lot of work load off me and I’m starting to get a tiny bit into what I was hired for…personal injury litigation. I’ll miss the criminal work, though.

Reading – I’ll be updating my Books tab (up top) some time this afternoon.  I have several things to add.  I even read the Twighlight saga twice over the past month.  I’m looking forward to the movie release in December.  Have I said lately how much I love my Kindle?  Right now I have some books by James Grippando waiting.  I like his books that feature the character criminal defense attorney Jack Swyteck.   The first book in the series is The Pardon.

Stitching – working on French Alphabet Sampler this weekend.  Before and after photos will be posted soon-ish.  I’m pondering what to take with me to Hawaii next month.  Probably Hannah Beebe since I’m embarrassingly behind (read = not even started) in the stitch-a-long I started and am thinking of also taking Mimi’s Tape Measure kit.  I’ve also pulled out 3 things to have Jill Rensel frame and will make a final decision on that by the end of the weekend.

Stash – I added to my collection this week too. I’ve just now started collecting the Drawn Thread Chartpacks for Sampler of Stitches and received ABC and DEF. I also got Homespun Elegance Delivering Needlewares and Home is Where You Hang Your Needleswork; and Katidid Designs Come Gather (the colors match my dining room).

Puppies – they *trapped* a gopher this morning. It was on the other side of the fence and was a very brave critter. Every time it popped its head out of the ground Harley would spaz and bark like there was a grizzly bear over there. Bandit supervised the whole time. Kahuna said it even kept poking its head out of the ground at him when he was getting the trap ready to push into the tunnel. It was rather a large one as our gophers go and it’s now in the trash bin waiting on the Monday morning garbage truck. It was hard work and the puppies are now recouperating in the sunbeams coming through the windows.


An unscheduled day off

I went out to my car this morning and found it flooded inside 🙁

I put a towel in the seat on Sunday when I went to my WW meeting because I noticed the seal over the window had been dripping a bit.  The towel is dripping this morning, and when I tried to dry off the seat water just kept creeping to the top.  This distresses me on several levels.  My seats are leather and heated and I’m worried the water may ruin them;  I cannot drive it in this condition (there’s also water leaked into the trunk on the same side, plus my floorboards are also wet).  We had horrendous winds off and on this weekend and I know it’s pushed the rain into my car.  This is one of the downsides to having a convertible.  Plus it rarely rains here so I’m sure the seals between the top and the window dry out somewhat which causes it to drip when it does rain heavily.  I’m just glad the top itself doesn’t leak.

 Kahuna started his new commute this morning at 6, so I’m stranded at the house unless I want to drive my flooded car, or take his Harley, which would muss up my hair 😉

The downer is I cannot drive it to the gym either so that means instead of going early before the major crowds of people who get off at 5 are there, I’ll be going with Kahuna tonight after we eat….it’ll take some arm twisting though since the college superbowl is tonight! Geaux Tigers!

Guess what I’m going to do today with all this unexpected free time….stitch! and watch my West Wing DVD from Netflix, right after I finish the end of Pride and Prejudice.  I managed to get and 1/3 of the 4th page stitched yesterday 🙂

Happy Monday.

P.S.  Before I forget…I’m changing my email address.  We will be moving shortly and I want to make sure I get it all switched over.  So when you get a response to your comments to me, it’ll be from my new address.

December goals

It’s been forever since I set down any goals in my blog. I’ll have to check what my goals were for stitching on my old blog before this month is out to see how dismally I failed at them. 😉

But, it’s December and I’m making monthly goals.

Fitness goal 1: I’m in a swim challenge right now. My goal is to swim 3,550 meters.

This is a small amount compared to some of my team members, but it’s what is scheduled for my training this month.

Fitness goal 2stick with my training.

This is my first day, of my first month of triathlon training and it’s a bit daunting to look forward and see all that’s expected of me.

Stitching: Continue working on French Alphabet Sampler as often as possible.

It’s rather hard to stitch these days because of puppies! Bandit is so used to sitting next to me while I stitch, and Harley wants to be included. Twice last night I ended up setting my stitching aside because Harley would jump up in my lap and slooooowly slide off until she was sitting on Bandit’s head. He would get grumbly, so I’d put my stitching away so there would be more room in the chair. Then if I had to get up, like to check the laundry, I’d come back to find my fibers birdnested and an innocent looking Harley giving me a “what???” look. Stinker. Bandit used to do the same thing and I guess I need to be retrained to put my stuff very far away when I’m not using it. I’m trying not to discourage Harley from wanting to sit with us. She’s a bit of a growly girl and can be possessive, so the fact that she’s jumping into my lap while Bandit’s sitting there and not getting growly is a positive step for her. Patience.

We had a super busy weekend and it was nice. Kahuna hasn’t been able to surf because we had a major rainstorm on Friday. Saturday morning we hit the fitness center and then went to see a house. Gang members had broken in and tagged the inside. I feel really badly for the owners, but it’s obvious it’s been empty for awhile. The great thing about looking at it was that it allowed us to adjust what we’re willing to spend and the square footage we’re looking at. Afterwards we went to grab some lunch to go and headed home to watch the LSU game and Ironman. Sunday I left the house around 8:30. I made a quick stop back to drop off groceries, eat some sushi and Kahuna and I headed back out and didn’t get back home until 4. Productive day, though.

And now it’s Monday and I’m back in the office doing things I don’t want to do. My feet and hands are cold and even though I keep bumping up the heater it’s not helping. It’s causing me to drink more hot tea than I should in an attempt to keep warm. I wonder how well heated up Propel tastes?

Take *that* Nick Saban

Geaux Tigers!

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