Take *that* Nick Saban

Geaux Tigers!

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0 responses to “Take *that* Nick Saban

  1. Brandon Smith

    This is why people who have never played the game, should never write about it. Have you ANY thoughts on the game. Do you know what football is? How it’s played? Strats? Anything? Let me help you.

    Yes, I’m a Bama fan. Yes, LSU won. Yes, Bama had a chance to win in the end. Yes, LSU made it happen. Yes, LSU is more talented. Yes, Les has done less with more talent than any coach I know. One more thing…

    Yes, LSU just defeated the worst/least talented Saban-coached Alabama team they will ever face. Good luck down the road. I hope LSU wins it all.

  2. Sugar, I don’t need your help! I’ve been a LSU fan for 25+ years. Do I know what football is? Ummm, yes. How it’s played? Ummm, yes. I’m not really sure what “strats” are, do you?

    That was one of the ugliest games I’ve ever seen played, but it was a win, and to me, today, that’s all that matters.

    Oh, and this is why people should never post comments on the blog of a person they know nothing about 😉