December goals

It’s been forever since I set down any goals in my blog. I’ll have to check what my goals were for stitching on my old blog before this month is out to see how dismally I failed at them. 😉

But, it’s December and I’m making monthly goals.

Fitness goal 1: I’m in a swim challenge right now. My goal is to swim 3,550 meters.

This is a small amount compared to some of my team members, but it’s what is scheduled for my training this month.

Fitness goal 2stick with my training.

This is my first day, of my first month of triathlon training and it’s a bit daunting to look forward and see all that’s expected of me.

Stitching: Continue working on French Alphabet Sampler as often as possible.

It’s rather hard to stitch these days because of puppies! Bandit is so used to sitting next to me while I stitch, and Harley wants to be included. Twice last night I ended up setting my stitching aside because Harley would jump up in my lap and slooooowly slide off until she was sitting on Bandit’s head. He would get grumbly, so I’d put my stitching away so there would be more room in the chair. Then if I had to get up, like to check the laundry, I’d come back to find my fibers birdnested and an innocent looking Harley giving me a “what???” look. Stinker. Bandit used to do the same thing and I guess I need to be retrained to put my stuff very far away when I’m not using it. I’m trying not to discourage Harley from wanting to sit with us. She’s a bit of a growly girl and can be possessive, so the fact that she’s jumping into my lap while Bandit’s sitting there and not getting growly is a positive step for her. Patience.

We had a super busy weekend and it was nice. Kahuna hasn’t been able to surf because we had a major rainstorm on Friday. Saturday morning we hit the fitness center and then went to see a house. Gang members had broken in and tagged the inside. I feel really badly for the owners, but it’s obvious it’s been empty for awhile. The great thing about looking at it was that it allowed us to adjust what we’re willing to spend and the square footage we’re looking at. Afterwards we went to grab some lunch to go and headed home to watch the LSU game and Ironman. Sunday I left the house around 8:30. I made a quick stop back to drop off groceries, eat some sushi and Kahuna and I headed back out and didn’t get back home until 4. Productive day, though.

And now it’s Monday and I’m back in the office doing things I don’t want to do. My feet and hands are cold and even though I keep bumping up the heater it’s not helping. It’s causing me to drink more hot tea than I should in an attempt to keep warm. I wonder how well heated up Propel tastes?

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  1. Hope the training goes well. Warm Propel? Sounds interesting.