Let the tri-training begin – ouch!






  • Warm up
  • Freestyle 100 yards
  • Cool Down 50 yards


Walk for 20 minutes

50WU with pull buoy, 100 freestyle, 50CD (included backstroke); 20min fatburning program on treadmill, 4min CD

I need to figure out if the treadmill will pick up the signal from my HRM. Holding onto the sensors on the treadmill is killing my hands because I tend to get a deathgrip and then don’t let go until I feel the sweat.

I did mostly inclines on a moderate speed last night, which killed my butt so when I got in the pool my legs were dead so most of my swimming was done without kicking, which of course really worked out my shoulders and upper back.

This morning I felt like an old lady getting out of bed. I would have had Kahuna push me out to save me the effort, but I would have just fallen on my head. I need one of those trapeze things hanging overhead to pull my sorry self up.

Tonight is my first strength training with a personal trainer. I hope she’s gentle with me, because I also have to ride my bike for 2 miles.

Only 21 weeks and 4 days left to train!

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0 responses to “Let the tri-training begin – ouch!

  1. Glad I’m not the only one who tends to death grip the handles/rails on the treadmills! I’m trying to force myself to let go, for at least part of the walk, but it’s hard. Congratulations on starting your new training program!!

  2. Yay! I’m so excited for you! Great work with the training. I hope that something will just click and I’ll stop being so lazy because I would love to be a runner.