It's beginning to look like

the stitching bug has bitten! I bought stash today.

The only newsletter I did NOT unsub from was The Attic in Mesa, Arizona. There’s been several things in the newsletter that I considered, but until today, nothing that made me want to whip out that credit card and phone. I ordered both the November and December (A Christmas Sampler) samplers of the month. I’ve never used the fibers and am looking forward to the feel of a new silk. I guess I better get some more organizing done in my office!

On the fitness front I took Wednesday off, and last night just hit the treadmill. I also signed up for a personal trainer and will begin working with her next Tuesday for 6 weeks to see how that works out. She’s going to help me with my strength training and gear it toward triathlon training. Kahuna suggested to me this morning to see if there’s anyway I can hook up a HRM to the treadmill to do my running based on 50-75%. I know they have those handle things you can hold on to, but that’s kind of awkward to do that and run.

I’ve been clock watching all day today. I want out of here! Tonight is swimming only. Tomorrow I’m going to run and swim, Sunday I’m off and Monday begins my official triathlon training schedule.

This week I’ve had to put aside another pair of pants as being too big. I can’t remember the last time I wore them so they’ve probably been big a lot longer than a week. I did go ahead and take advantage of a sale and order some of the pants that are getting bigger on me in a smaller size. I hate being between sizes. I’m trying to keep the same pants in a couple of different colors for work. Since most of my weight is around my middle, I don’t shrink out of the tops as fast as the pants. Not that I’m complaining. The scale is not moving and I’m clueless right now as to what I’ll find at WI Sunday morning.

Not much going on this weekend and I hope to get to stitch for quite a bit. We are going to look at a house tomorrow morning. There’s probably no chance of making an offer, but we want to see if it’s what we’re looking for as far as square footage, etc. It’s in an okay neighborhood and happens to be across the street from one of Kahuna’s surfing buds.

And can someone help me find November?  I seem to have misplaced it.

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  1. I’ll be visiting the Attic in person to pick up one of the December Samplers (Fear Not by Midsummer Night Designs).

    Glad the stitching bug has made an appearance!!