Unexpected holiday

We came home last night to a note stating they (military housing people) were trimming and removing trees in the area.  This means someone has to stay home to let them in the backyard (or they’ll cut the locks on the gate).  We also had a phone message that they wanted to get in and inspect our attic.  This means someone has to stay home to let them in the house so the puppies don’t eat them.  Of course the note for the trees covers more than one day.  The phone message covers this morning.  So, I’m staying home today.  If the tree people don’t make it today, M will stay home tomorrow.  I would much rather have had tomorrow for my day but M can’t get out of a military obligation for today.

This means I’m stitching all day today!  Woohoo!

Before I shut off this time sucker I want to share some puppy photos!  We’ve had Jasper for one year now.  He is such a large part of our life.  It has really been fun watching him turn into a lazy, lovebucket from a frightened, regimented show dog.  He’s the perfect example of why rescuing works.

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0 responses to “Unexpected holiday

  1. Awwwwww!!! Great pictures. And lucky you with a “forced stitching day”, LOL!

  2. LOL, we done the military housing thing, got to love it!!!! Enjoy your stitching day :-).

  3. An unexpected stitching day – the best kind! What a cutie Jasper is.