Thank you MLK

I’m one of those people who do not celebrate birthdays that give me a day off work, however, I very much look forward to the paid day off work they give me.  This weekend has been a 4-day for me since I had to take a day of vacation to wait for maintenance people who never showed up.  Our next door neighbor called the housing people and got a bit short with them when they told him they were a bit behind.  He had driven the neighborhood before he called and told them that they might not be behind if they would work.  Evidently they received a lot of complaints from our area because they called us this morning to set up an appointment to have the work done tomorrow morning.  Kahuna informed them that he would be at the house until 11 then he was locking up the house.

Saturday we ran around doing our errands.  Didn’t want to stay out too long since Kahuna had a half-marathon on Sunday morning plus we had a networking meeting that evening with the tri-club.  I have been stitching on a Pine Mountain pillow, which is a lovely design, but a pain in the butt to work on because it’s already sewn together.  I have convinced myself that I can make one of these so part of our errands Saturday included shopping for some fabric for me to try my hand at one, plus another couple of things that are surprises.

Bright and early Sunday morning found me dressed as warm as I could be but shivering while waiting on Kahuna to start his race.  Since I had 1 1/2 hours to kill while he was out there pounding the pavement I headed back to the car after the start where I bundled up in a blanket and started reading Becoming Jane Austen. (yes, I’m a wimp, why do you ask?)  I have not seen the movie, and was expecting the book to be a fiction about her life.  I am surprisingly happy with the book  even though it is not a fiction.  I was so glad the morning warmed up before I trotted back over to the finish line.  The called Kahuna’s name over the loudspeaker which was a real surprise for the both of us.  I have got to get a cowbell!  He had a great finish time.  This was a training run for his half-iron.  The rest of the day we hung at the house watching football and me stitching and him snoozing off and on.  We had pizza as his recovery food (he had beer too for the extra carbs) and grilled carne asada for supper.

So here it is halfway through Monday and all I’ve done is sleep until 8, go to the grocery store and surf the internet for awhile.  I’ll be finishing my Pine Mountain pillow today, enjoying what’s left of my free day off (thank you MLK) and daydreaming about the next person who give me a paid day off, Abraham Lincoln.

But before I do that here’s my French Alphabet Sampler after the 4th page.

FAS - 4th page finished

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0 responses to “Thank you MLK

  1. Your FAS looks great! I’m jealous you got the day off today. We don’t get MLK off where I work. We do get President’s Day though, so I’m counting the days until then. LOL

  2. Which PM are you working on? See, since I can’t sew worth a darn, I LOVE the fact that they are already sewed together! LOL

  3. I love your FAS – it’s looking incredable! The color you picked out is great.

  4. Ah, to be one of the lucky ones who get all those “birthdays” off….

    Your FAS is just beautiful. I enjoy all your progress scans even though I don’t comment on them all!!