2008 stitching finish

I finished The Best Things yesterday. Like I said I think it’s a lovely design, but was a pain to stitch. Another complaint is because it was already put together it was hard to figure out the exact center, and you can see I’m a bit off.  I’m trying to decide if I want to order the pillow portion or attempt to make one of those as well.
The Best Things by Pine Mountain

I worked on my stitching spreadsheet some yesterday and decided upon 10 new starts fot 2008. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be starting them all but they’re ones I’ve had in my stash for a bit, and except for 2, they’re small designs to work on after I meet my FAS monthly goal. One of those designs is Au Fil des Reves’ Atelier de brodeuse (Stitching Room). I managed to stitch one of the little motifs before it was time for bed.

Back to the gym tonight to meet up with my PT. I’ll decide tonight whether to carry on or wait until we move. I have a dr. appt. tomorrow about my foot. It was reeeeeally bothering me yesterday after walking around and standing on concrete during Kahuna’s race. If I’m going to be in pain, it might as well be from activity that benefits me, but I’ll wait to see what the dr. appt. brings.

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0 responses to “2008 stitching finish

  1. Good luck with the doctor’s appointment, Terri. I hope things go well with the PT.

    Your Best Things finish is so cute, and the sentiment is so true! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. I love your new finish! Good luck with the doctor tomorrow.

  3. Your Best Things finish is lovely.

    I hope your MD appointment goes well today, Terri.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and yes it’s my own compiliation. 🙂

  4. Love the finish, hope your appointment went well.

  5. Hello! I love to cross stitch, too, and am so glad there are x stitching bloggers out here! Your pillow is beautiful!

  6. I like this saying very much.