Have I said, lately, that I'm tired?

It’s amazing what 20 minutes extra sleep can do for a body.   Unfortunately, not this body!  I barely remember driving in to work this morning, my mind drifted so much.  And believe me, there’s a lot on my mind lately.  Buying a house.  Being with the Marine Corps for 3 more years.  Am I crazy for thinking I can do this.

I know they’re just tired thoughts.

I managed 3 minutes on the elliptical last night, followed by 15 on the treadmill and then my swim.  Same routine (50 WU, 100 FS, 50 CD) but I cut almost 2 minutes off the time.   I was beat when I got home….and cranky enough that I snapped at Kahuna and told him I did NOT want to hear how good this was for me. Of course, Kahuna told me as he was walking out the door this morning that he was tired, his lower back was bothering him, and he’d let me know later this afternoon whether or not he was going to swim.  I just wanted to smack him.  Instead I reminded him that this was good for him.

The fitness assessment last night was a joke.  It consisted of me sitting in a chair with a personal trainer who kept telling me that I was doing everything right (on paper), except for my water intake (did you know the recommended minimum is up to 96 oz now?).  I’m thinking of signing up for 6 weeks of “training” that’s being offered on special because of The Biggest Loser.  It’s less than $10 a session, so it’s really a good deal.  She also told me that if I bring in what my tri-training is she’ll work it in.  She was really nice, but I think I need someone not so nice, KWIM?

I’m still trying to decide if I want to go the personal trainer route when Kahuna goes to Iraq.  I think if I do that, it’ll keep me more on the straight and narrow to not miss any training.  I have a lot of time to waffle back and forth on the decision.

It’s hard not being all gung ho and cutting back, and even tougher mentally when I think I haven’t even started the real training, which I still feel like will be going backwards.  I don’t know if I can handle 10 weeks of slow!  LOL I guess my new mantra will be base training, base training, base training.

No stitching again last night.  By the time I got my training clothes rinsed and hung, and dinner taken care of it was time to hit the bed with the puppies and watch The Biggest Loser.  Taking a night off training is sounding pretty good to me too, right now.  And of course, I’m still thinking that I wouldn’t be this tired if I was a SAHW.

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