Hump day!

I’m wishing my life away Monday through Friday at a time!  😆  I find myself living more and more for the weekends and I am in absolute agony waiting for my Christmas vacation to start.

We are talking a lot around here about retirement, maternity leave, and moving.  Right now, only the attorney I work for has no plans for any of the above! 😉  Boss has told other girl (who has a baby due the end of July) that he’s probably going to retire in June.  If M’s retirement ‘leave’ goes as we think it might I will probably want to quit mid-October at the lastest, depending on our house-hunting endeavors.  M mentioned my seeing about taking off a lot of time this coming summer to house hunt.  If we find a house, I’m moving into it and will wait on M to join me.

I have been playing around with my 2011 personal challenge.  I think I have a pretty good plan that currently includes mostly WIPs and some new ornaments.  I have several already stitched that I want to get ‘ornamentified’ so I want to be sure I leave myself time for that in the challenge.

We ended up seeing Burlesque last night.  I loved, loved, loved the music and costumes.  Cher was a little bit scary with her surgically altered lips but she can still sing!

It’s payday for me today.  I get the great joy of standing in line at the bank for my lunchbreak, and then I have some personal paperwork to take care of.  I might even have time to eat!

I’m attempting a new recipe from WW tonight and will share if I think it’s fit for consumption — in other words M enjoys it, too.

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0 responses to “Hump day!

  1. Retirement and house hunting sounds *very* exciting!! Best of luck!! (Sounds like you’ll be wishing more than Mon-Fri away, more like a few months away!!)

    I’ll anxiously be awaiting the results of your recipe. I’m always on the lookout for things that are relatively healthy and *taste good*!

  2. So, how did the recipe go over?