Very original subject line. I think I’m going to keep the countdown up but not so much in the headline all the time.

Thank you girls for your congratulations! M and I went out to celebrate last night. He’s actually excited. He even said he wants to have a ‘party.’ So not like him! 😆

It’s a little frightening to think it might actually be here.

Tonight is movie night for us and I have no idea what we’re going to see. We both want to see Burlesque and Narnia but it will depend on what’s showing when we get there, I imagine.

I really, really, want to stitch. I pulled my ornament magazines out Sunday and found a couple of ornaments already stitched, between some of the pages, from an ornament “RR” I was in many years ago. I had forgotten all about them so now I’ve got finishing ideas running through my head.

Oh, and the Brickle Brownies were a hit!

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  1. Glad you have a date and can start planning!!!! And I think a party is well deserved, my DH had one too and then back to work on the Monday, LOL.