2011 Challenges

For 2011 I’ve decided to set New Year Challenges for myself.

Several of them will come from the thoughts posted here, as well as stitching challenges.

I have so many WIPs that are neglected that I’ve decided to pull at least 12 of them to see how far I can get on them in 2011. Two of them will be designs I want finished for the fair this summer – Mirabilia’s “Summer Queen” and Lani’s “High Fashion Collage.” The other 10, I’ll have to work on this month. I’d like to include a finish or two in there as well.

What I’m planning at this point is to rotate 2 designs until I get my fair pieces out of the way – Summer Queen and HFC. My main focus is going to be Summer Queen though since I really should have had her in the fair last year. I want HFC in there as well; however, I’m not putting the pressure on myself like I did last year to make it happen. I think pressuring myself like that is what got me into burnout and flat out no stitching. Anyway, I have to have HFC in my stand and since it takes time to set it up and tear it down, I’m going to only be working on it on non-working days – normally Saturday and Sunday, unless I have a holiday from work for whatever reason.

When I finish a design I’ll rethink when I’m working on what, and pick a new project from the other 10. The other 10 might include one other needlepoint piece, but I can work it in-hand and won’t need my stand. I start a 10 day vacation on December 24th so I will have to decide by then what I want my 12 pieces to be.

While it would be great to finish 12 pieces this next year, my plan is to challenge myself to STITCH on at least 12 of my WIPs in 2011. I wish I could say that there will be no new starts, but I know myself better than that and I’ll just have to figure out a way to include it/them.

These are my thoughts for the moment; however, I’m keeping an open mind since so many other stitchers out there often post great ideas that I don’t think of.

I’ll start a new tab at the top of my blog to chart my progress.


It’s a little weird at work. I’ve been seeing signs that come this next summer I may no longer be employed. Just a little comment here and there, plus Boss is ready to retire and we’ve started taking fewer cases and being more particular about the ones we are taking. I am not sad about it.


They are getting along so great! I can’t believe we’ve had Jasper for almost a year. I can remember how concerned I was in the beginning with him not getting along with Harley and him being so very different from Bandit. He is still such a sweetheart! He is probably always going to be a shy one and we’ve learned to accept that. He sure loves to snuggle in bed though, and he loves his chicken jerky! Harley has been on a diet and is looking better. Trying to get Jasper to eat was a challenge and once we found what he liked Harley started getting less – since she wasn’t eating his food too!


Still no work from HQMC about M’s retirement request. He did find out that retirement is calculated at the end of the month so instead of his retirement date being January 12, 2012, if accepted it would be January 31, 2012. He will be authorized 20 days to find a place to live and if he continues to accumulate leave at same rate he is now (meaning he’s not taking much time off and will lose it if he doesn’t use it) he will be retired on active duty probably the end of October 2011. Which means no matter what we are under a year. March 2011 or October 2011. My stomach gets butterflies thinking about it.

We went to see “RED” last night and enjoyed it.  Our local theater has started a discounted day — all day — any movie — on Tuesday so we’re trying to take advantage of it as often as possible.

This coming Saturday is my monthly Stitch-In and I’m really looking forward to seeing my stitchy friends. I will truly miss seeing them as often after we move. I’m planning on taking Pecan Pie Muffins.

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0 responses to “2011 Challenges

  1. I will cheer you on!

    I’m considering doing something with the 15-day challenge. Not starting 15 new projects….. though it is tempting! LOL

    I’m so excited to think that you’ll be here soon 🙂

  2. I didn’t realize there was a 15-day challenge! I’m still trying to recover from the few GFJs I participated in! 😆