My camera’s battery died on me before I could take all of the pictures I wanted to share this weekend, but here’s a start!

We had a GREAT time at Disneyland Thanksgiving.  Ate too much, spent too much money, but had a good time.

This is my ‘little’ sampler wall in my bedroom.  I think the next item I’m having framed is the first cross stitch piece I ever did…in 1977.

The Token — entered in the County Fair this past summer and got a Blue Ribbon. I really enjoyed stitching this piece.

Strawberry Basket — my first Blackbird Designs piece. M picked out the framing for it. It really mimics the fabric and I love the gold flecks in it.

The is the other piece I entered in the fair this year — and also got a Blue Ribbon. I cannot for the life of me remember the name but the designer is Rue de Rhine (or something like that).

And Home of a Needleworker Too! I truly loved stitching this design. I used fabric and all but one fiber from my stash.

Me (and my very shiny nose!). I’m getting ready to change my haircolor again and thought I’d post a picture here before I do!

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0 responses to “Photo-ing

  1. What a great wall!

    Thanks for the lovely compliment/comment on my blog – it seems like I’ve been beading forever, but it’s only been about 6 years…. whereever does the time go!