Slowly but surely the year comes to an end

I feel the need to be domestic, and yet there’s barely anything for me to do!  I cleaned the house really well before we left for CA since I knew we’d be tired when we got home.  There were no decorations so that didn’t need to be dealt with.  All that has left me to do is laundry and the daily clean-up in the kitchen.

All that spare time means I’ve been catching up on my blog reading and that might have gotten me into some trouble 😉

It’s been fun seeing what everyone is planning for 2015.  I mentioned to Mister this morning that I can’t believe it’s already been 15 years since the world was freaking out about Y2K.

My own plans to date have included my going back to 101 things in 1001 days and I’ve set up my page.  I don’t know what version I finally published because I caught myself waking up at night thinking “oh wait!  I want to do this too!”.  But it is what it is and I’ve left myself some breathing room as far as my quilting and stitching goes.  It’s probably cheating but I can’t imagine trying to create needle and thread goals for 2 3/4 years.

Speaking of those goals, I’m going back to participating in WIPocalypse.  I wish I still had my old lists so I can laugh at myself.  My lists were so long that I scared myself from getting much done.  I wasn’t quilting at the time either.  Since the guidelines have changed and quilting is included, I’ve decided to try it again, but this time around I’m starting small and building.  It contains 5 stitching things and 5 quilting things.  I’ll be posting the list next week.

For now I’ll leave you with the list of movies I watched all day while stitching and doing laundry:  A Christmas Carol, Meet me in St. Louis, Elf, A Lion in Winter, and Trading Places.  Quite an eclectic Christmas season selection 😉

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2 responses to “Slowly but surely the year comes to an end

  1. Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve participated in the WIPocalypse since the first year I went back to school. My stitching has been woefully neglected while I was in school, so perhaps this is a great time to dip my toe back into the WIPocalypse challenge because one of my goals for 2015 is creating/working from my stash, be that stitching and/or papercrafting. Lord knows I have enough stash for a small village. 😆

    I may steal your 101 things idea, too. I did that several years ago, but petered out after about 18 months. It would really be fun to give that a go again, too!

  2. I love your 101 list and look forward to seeing how you do with them all. Good luck!