Fare thee well 2014

This is probably going to be a very long post.

ID-100207151I sometimes wonder if our calendar was created so the happy part of the year is at the end so we forget so much of the bad things that happened early on.  I know I could read back thru my blog and find some truly forgettable things, but if I can’t remember them right now, why bother?  They happened, they’re over, and if they were that life altering, wouldn’t I remember them now?

I had to quit my job at the quilt store, but I learned so much while working there, and I have had so much more time to devote to the things and people I love.  I had to have dental surgery, but as painful as it was, it made things better, and I’m going to have less in 2015.  I fell down that mountain, and probably broke my arm, but at least it was from the top, where I had never made it before.  None of my family or close friends died this year, which is the best blessing of all.  I try to grow from the bad things as well as the good things.  Will something happen in 2015 that makes me  think “oh, NOW I remember what happened last year.”  Probably.  But for now I’m happy in my not remembering.

Some good things happened this year too, that I know I’m not currently remembering, but my heart is still so full from our wonderful Christmas and the time I got to spend with Son and FDIL.  It’s so hard for me to believe they’ve been together for 9 years.  I saw some moments that made me rethink my thoughts that I wasn’t a very good mother.  He’s such a loving person and not afraid to show it and that is indeed a great accomplishment.

I got to travel in 2014.  I had my annual girlfriend fest in Vegas.  I had my first quilt retreat experience.  I also had my 2nd quilt retreat experience with a completely different group of women, a couple of whom have become really good friends.

I joined a quilt guild and have had so much fun getting to know the women there.  I joined a local-to-me sewing group.  I finished my first bed sized quilt and almost finished a 2nd one.  I lost and found my stitching mojo and I went back to my Thursday night stitching group.

I changed my eating habits in July and learned some new cooking methods and tried some really great recipes, and had a couple of flops that made me thankful for scrambled eggs for dinner 😉  I climbed a mountain.  I stepped on the scale this morning, and am down 21.8 pounds for the year.  I logged my best day ever since 2012 on FitBit with 24,993 steps.

I reread some favorite books and discovered an author had written a couple more in the series.  We went to the movies, although not nearly often enough. I had dinner out with our friends almost every month.

But most important for the year, I let it go and finally found myself, which made my 2014 journey worth it.

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4 responses to “Fare thee well 2014

  1. This brought both a smile and tear to my eye. I’m so glad I was able to spend part of the year with you!

  2. Lovely thoughts on the year. I hope 2015 is all you want it to be. xx

  3. Sounds like you had a well lived year, which is the very best kind. Wishing you a wonderful 2015.

  4. Love this post! Hope 2015 brings something special to your life!