Some days contain good and bad

I hate growing older.  There are so many things that can go wrong to cut into precious “to-do” time.  I’m not a hypochondriac by any stretch of the imagination but I do worry sometimes about illnesses suffered by long gone family members and how it can affect my own health.  I also dislike strongly not being able to talk to family members about my own health concerns.  My family has never been one to share things, plus I live very far away from them (my choice).  Sigh.  I also tend to let my imagination get away with me sometimes when the doctor orders certain tests.  Anyway, I got my blood work results back today from a couple of weeks ago and I’m a-okay in everything.  There are a couple of areas that I’m trying to make better but it was a rough couple of months and I may have splurged on some sugar a bit here and there 😉  so instead of blood sugar levels being better they were the same as they were the last time she tested.  However, she also ordered some more blood work and ordered me a referral based on a conversation we had this morning following her “How have you been feeling” question.  I hate getting older.

So that was the bad part of my day.

I’ve spent the majority of the rest of the day in my studio.  I had hoped to finish up on the gift but I don’t have enough of the binding material to finish.  I’ll pick up some more Tuesday when I go to work.

Speaking of work, I’m having fun with it!  This past Tuesday I cut so much fabric for customers that I truly thought my arm was going to fall off at the end of the day.  The next day it was sore!  I’m still doing a little following around, but am feeling more comfortable helping customers on my own.  Got my first paycheck too 😉

But I digress.  After I ran out of material for my binding, I turned to cutting fabric and piecing a signature block for an exchange I’m signed up for.  I’ve never done anything like this before and it’s rather intimidating to think that I need to make 59 of these 6 1/2″ blocks.


I have a couple of baskets of scraps I’m using so none of them will look the same.  I have until September to get them all finished and I’m trying to make 5 a day.

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2 responses to “Some days contain good and bad

  1. Alberta Sue Bennett

    Your block looks great. Love the colors.

  2. I can relate to the whole getting older thing. On the maternal side of my family, my mom, uncle, and grandfather all had heart attacks in the 50s. I’ll be turning 50 in seven months and that fact has really been weighing heavily on my mind lately. It’s past time to get my act together in regards to my weight & health!