Beginning of the end

July always reminds me that the year is half over and I need to get serious about what has been on my annual to-do list.

By this time of year, for the past couple of years, I’ve been working on patriotic designs. The first year, I stitched Memorial Day through September 11. Last year, I stitched Memorial Day to just past July 4th before switching to Mary Wigham. This year, I’ve been doing so many other non-stitching things that I never got around to starting patriotic stitching! It has been in the back of my mind to start something on July 4th, but now that it’s on top of me I don’t want to. I have so many xsWIPs and I know I shouldn’t be starting anything else, but (there’s always a but) I’ve decided to join an Elizabeth Sheffield (Scarlet Letter) stitchalong on August 1. This means I have a month to get all the supplies together and get my stitching act together. For the past 6 weeks or so I’ve only stitched when I’ve been at the LNS for our open stitch-in and that needs to stop if I want to get And They Sinned done.

I’m also becoming more and more involved with quilting instead of stitching and wonder if I should just give up stitching altogether for awhile, but then I realize how much I love it and figure I’m just going through a little slump. If I wanted to give it up altogether I wouldn’t look forward to Thursday nights and the stitching I do then, right?

So, I’ve decided to go through my to-do list I made at the beginning of the year and clean it out of anything that I know I realistically won’t get to. The rest of the things that are on that list (2013 Jul-Dec) are going to be stitched on in a mini-rotation. If no other stitching happens, I’m at least going to rotate taking them with me to the LNS on Thursdays.

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4 responses to “Beginning of the end

  1. This has been a lousy stitching year for me. I’m almost to the point of not beating myself up over it… almost 🙂 I suspect you’ll find some new mojo in a couple weeks!

  2. No, do not give up stitching!!! I decided to stitch one project at the time to the end of the year. I want to have some finishes and that’s the only way I can accomplish anything.

    • Evalina you’ll be happy to know I stitched on ATS last night 😉 I’m not goin to give it up, yet. I’ve been stitching for more than 35 years and it’ll take something a lost more to make me give it up completely.