I am not in the mood to sew today.  I went to bed last night trying to figure out why the second signature block I made, doing it exactly the same way I did the first, is too small.   I tend to think on things for a while when I’m trying to puzzle things out, and thought I had it figured out this morning.  I changed the way it was ironed, hoping that would help.  It did.  Some.  I suspect it is the flying geese that’s throwing it off.  So, instead, I fiddled!

The signature blocks are made with 4 flying geese and I’ve never been expert at them.  So I decided to fiddle around with my scraps and a new tool.  Deb Tucker’s Wing Clipper.  I haven’t watched the video yet, but I have followed the written directions that come with the ruler, step by step, using some of the scraps from the block I shared yesterday.


The larger ones I trimmed using the ruler. Excellent and perfect…hear my heart sing!  The smaller ones, I trimmed free-handed and they are not perfect, but they made me go “awwww.”  I have no idea what I’ll do with the smaller ones, but the larger ones I’m going to save for a miniature quilt.  I plan on adding more of the larger size using the scraps from the rest of the signature blocks I need to make, plus if I mess up, I can use the Wing Clipper to trim then down to a size that is perfect.

Here’s where I’m bogged down, though.  I am so math challenged, which is so funny to me since there is so much math in quilting!  😆 I can’t seem to figure out what size squares to start with to end up with the 2 x 3-1/2″ size geese I need for the signature block!  I know that they need to go with the 2″ squares that I’m cutting for the corner pieces (brown in my previous block), but I just can’t get my brain to go to where I need to start to get them to where I can cut them down to that size.

I did see in the comments where someone said they were trying to figure out where to start to get to the same size, so I may try emailing Deb Tucker and asking her.

The other thing I have been fiddling with lately is a Quilter’s FabriCalc.  We have them at work, and I brought one home to read the manual and learn how to use it.  I love it! and ordered one for use at home and am expecting it to arrive any minute now.

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One response to “Fiddling

  1. Alberta Sue Bennett

    Love the mini flying geese. If you make enough of them they would make a great mini quilt.