Playing with fabric

Mister got the light and power plug put up on my new cutting table arrangement yesterday.  It’s so much more user-friendly than what I was using.  I can actually see the lines on my ruler now without having to put my nose 6″ from the ruler!  I still need to hide the cords and put up my ruler holder but that’s a project for next week (maybe).


Today I’m playing with the fabric you see up above.  I’ve cut the layer cake into 2″ x 6″ strips and what I’m not using is going to a Annette who’s going to make a coordinating project with it.


Hoping to get my little project finished by Thursday so I can take it into the shop and hunt for the perfect binding.  Something in red!

This mean I get to subtract 3.5 yards from my stash!

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2 responses to “Playing with fabric

  1. Nice stripping, there 😉