Contest prizes

The last couple of days have brought in the prizes from the contests I mentioned here and here.

I’ll share the fabric from Andover first, because I’m going to be an ungrateful contest winner and whine a little about the other prize 😉

From Andover I received 10 (2 of each line) of their version of charm packs.  They don’t sell charms packs to the public, just give them to designers, and contestants (at least that’s what I’ve been told by a couple of fabric designers).  The charm packs were, from left to right, Renee Nanneman of Need’l Love Black Magic and Linen Closet, Jamie Kalvestran Chickadee, and Jo Morton Blue Variety and Madison Manor.


and 14 FQs from the new Jo Morton Savannah line.


I was doing the new-fabric-boogy in my kitchen after I opened the box and saw the great fabric and let out a “whoop” when I saw Savannah!

Doesn’t it look nice on my Jo Morton shelf!


Before I share the other contest let me say that I NEVER enter a contest just because it’s there.  I only enter contests (or use grocery store coupons 😉 ) for items I know I would use/buy anyway.

In the Quiltmaker Contest I was expecting to receive only one of the books shown in the contest since we were asked to comment on what our favorite of the group was (I chose Diamond Traditions).  Here’s what the site says about the giveaway (they lined out after winners were chosen):

How about a giveaway? I’d love to send these to Quilty Pleasures readers. Please leave a comment here before midnight on Tuesday, June 4 and tell me which one looks most interesting to you. I’ll choose winners mid-week and post them here. Good luck!

I would have been happy with any of them.

Here’s where I start to sound like an ungrateful winner.  Not a single one of the books mentioned in the post were received by me.  All 3 of the books I received have 2012 copyright dates.  Only 1 of the books would I have even contemplated buying.

DSC01555 DSC01556 DSC01557

I wrote an email to the person who contacted me about being a winner and thanked her for the books, and told her I wanted to make sure that I had not been mixed up in another contest because I had received 3 books instead of just 1, and that none of the books I had received were mentioned in the contest.  This was on Wednesday.  I’ll give her until Wednesday to reply, then will decide what to do with the unwanteds.

Am I ungrateful?

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4 responses to “Contest prizes

  1. Alberta Sue Bennett

    I don’t think so.. You would think you would have gotten the book that you put the comment on. Must have been some books they just wanted to get rid of..

  2. I would be really annoyed if I sent a prize or gift to someone and they actually said it was not what they wanted. OK, so it truly is not what you wanted, but it was sent in good faith.
    An alternative response from you would be to hold another contest and send these books to someone else saying that they are not to your taste. Another alternative is to simply take them to your local quilting group and give them away in person. Another is to say thankyou and grit your teeth for a while.
    You are behaving ungratefully definitely, and you do not know the circumstances surrounding your unwanted prize. Perhaps the Quiltmaker contest hosts actually gave the winning prize to someone else, but liked your response so much they made up something for you as a special favour. As in all aspects of living, you do not know all the facts. You should behave as politely as possible considering the information to hand. Yes, other people are not always polite, but you usually are. As a quilter you know about harmony and why it is necessary.
    I am confident that you will change your mind soon about the course of events. Probably you had a headache or something when you formed your previous opinion of the prize.

    • Oh gosh Louise. I don’t even know where to start with your reply! LOL I can’t help but wonder if you even read all of my post especially when you say I should say “thank you” (which I did in the email I mentioned in my post); and you last sentence made me laugh out loud. I try to always be polite, even when people imply that I’m not being so. I (maybe foolishly) assumed that since there were five books mentioned in the giveaway, and there were five people chosen for the giveaway, and since the post said “send these,” which implied to me the books shown in the post, that I would be receiving one of those five books. Since you mention that I’m usually polite, I would never have entered the contest for books I knew I would use so someone else who WOULD use the books would have a better chance at winning the giveaway. But then like you said, I don’t know all the circumstance, which again, is why I sent an email. As to what I’ll do with the books, I did mention that I wouldn’t make that decision until I’d given Quiltmaker a chance to answer my email, since I had just sent it out.