And it's February!

We had a great time at our tri-club meeting last night. Kahuna picked me up from work and when we got there 100 a lot of boxes of pizza were arriving. It was staged outside, brrrr cold, but the pizza was nice and warm and the people were very welcoming. We have been to 2 networking meetings, but this was our first monthly meeting (which was held inside). They had several announcements, one of which was a list of who the sponsors are for the club, and let me tell you, the club is WELL sponsored. They also held raffles for several many great prizes (several gift certificates and a wetsuit come to mind). After the announcements we had a guest speaker – Sam McGlone. She is cute as a bug, and I had a wonderful time listening to how she got to Kona.

On the way home I received a call from Melissa that her sister’s husband had been killed in a weather related car accident. My heart is just breaking for her because she’s so worried for her sister and the children. Please pray for them all.

This morning, I’ve spent a nice quiet hour at work getting caught up. Now, it’s noisy and I’m feeling cranky and I’m so glad that it’s Friday. In addition to being payday, I’m looking forward to getting home and reading the stash I received in the mail last night. We got home too late for me to do anything except rip the envelope/box open and get excited about starting a new project!

In addition to this quarter’s SANQ, I received Drawn Thread’s Random Thoughts and Souvenir Sampler. Both have been wants for a long time and I was able to get them both fully kitted at a great discount from someone who was selling her mother’s “estate” stash.

I also received my Ann Holewll kit for the stitch-along that’s happening through the With My Needle newsletter. The silks are just scrumptious looking and I can’t wait to get home to start reading the directions and baste my fabric. The first lesson is up and I need to do the first three bands this month. Between this, and FAS, and that little something I’ve been up to I’m hoping I haven’t tried to stretch myself too far for the month.

February’s Goals:

Stitching: Finish the 5th page of French Alphabet Sampler. Finish the 1st 3 bands of Ann Holewll; reveal what I’ve been up to.

Fitness: Doctor appointment Feb. 4. Do whatever doc thinks is necessary to get myself back on track for my triathlon training. Maintain weight.

Professional: Continue working on personnel and accounting records.

Other: Continue to work 15 minutes reorganizing my home office.

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0 responses to “And it's February!

  1. Hi Terri…
    just thought you might like to know that the FAS is a WIP for me and I got my Ann Holewll yesterday. Looks like we’ll be stitching on several of the same pieces. 🙂
    I am also training to ride the Ironman in April (I will be doing the 30 mile version) I need to get my nether parts in shape. LOL
    I did add you to my blogroll on my site. Hope that’s okay.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and my apologies for taking so long to return the visit! Good luck with your goals … I should take notes from you 🙂 … and with your website! Sounds exciting. ~ Lynda

  3. Great stash! DT is still one of my favorite designers.

    I read about Melissa’s BIL on her blog, that is beyond sad. I can’t imagine.

    Have a fun weekend!

  4. How sad about Melissa’s BIL, beyond sad. Life is so unfair.

    Take care, Terri.