New week, new attitude?

It’s a short day for me at work today.  I have the appointment with the foot doctor to see about getting me healed so I can start training again.  I’m going to throw myself on his/her mercy that I can at least get back into swimming and cyling.  Tears may be involved.  This has greatly affected my attitude about many things and I need to get it resolved and get back to where I was.

As to this past weekend, where to begin?  I did a lot and did so little that I really don’t remember all that I did.

Saturday I braved the commissary because we were expecting cold, blowing rain on Sunday.  There were so many Super Bowl displays set up.  Almost made me feel like I was at Costco.  I managed to stay within my weekly budget, even after spending $20+ on a Brita pitcher for Kahuna to take to work.  I also worked more than 15 minutes in my office making room for my sewing machine.

On Sunday there was the obligatory laundry all day while I watched TV and stitched.  Before I started any of that though I made a huge bowl of pico de gallo, some guacamole, and a pot of chili.  Then I spent time getting to know my sewing machine again (I’ve got to figure out what’s up with the tension).  I only managed to get Ann Holewll serged and basted before having to put her away because I don’t have qsnaps available for her.  I almost finished Atelier de brodeuse (I need her qsnaps for Ann) instead of working on FAS.

I also need to figure out my stitching schedule for the month so I can be sure to get done what I want accomplished when I get back to training (thinking positive here!).  I’m currently thinking 1) Ann Holewll at the beginning of the month until I get the monthly lesson finished; 2) FAS page #x after Ann Holewll; 3) Hannah Beeby during the SAL dates; and, 4) one of the small designs for the rest of the month.

And last, but certainly not least, a shot out to Melissa and Darla for finishing the Surf City 5k in very cold and driving rain.

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