January is over?

How the heck did we get to the last day of January already? At the rate this month passed me by, I’ll be setting down my 2009 goals in a heartbeat.

I’m thrilled by all the interest in Hannah Beeby. And it’s been so nice to hear from so many of you. I think since there’s interest in a weekly and weekend only stitchalong, I’ll set it out for a week, and those who can only stitch on Fri, Sat, and Sun., can join in at the end of the week. How does starting March 24th sound? Would you like for me to set up a separate blog for progress photos? If so, I can do that early so we can start sharing fabric and fiber choosing woes! Please post a comment and let me know your preferences.

Am I the only person (besides Darla) that will stress over deciding on fabric and fibers?? I’m determined to stitch from my stash so I think I’ll do some sample stitching with the fibers I pick out to see what they’ll look like together. I would hate to get really far in and discover I don’t like the way my fibers look.

The puppies had their shots and heartworm checks yesterday and with the exception of me being fussed at for not keeping their nails short enough (this was a stab to my heart that I wasn’t taking proper care of them!) they are in excellent very spoiled puppy health. They were very glad to get back home.

Since I have a meeting tonight after work, I know I won’t have anything more to contribute toward my goals for January, so I think I’ll do my recap today and set down February’s goals tomorrow.

For January I said:

Fitness goal 1: this month I’m in a cycling challenge. My goal is to cycle 78 miles. My first ride is tomorrow. Most of this month’s riding will probably be on a trainer. Well this didn’t happen. My heel ended up sending me to the doctor who said she preferred I not do any activity until I see a podiatrist, told me to wear inserts and gave me naproxen to take twice a day.

Fitness goal 2: do not miss a WW meeting and lose 6 pounds. I did miss 2 meetings. I forgot when I set this goal that I had plans for 2 Sunday mornings this month. I also didn’t lose 6 pounds because of the naproxen. For some reason when I take it I retain water. Add that to no activity, and well, I’m just glad I didn’t GAIN 6 pounds instead.

Stitching: complete page 4 of French Alphabet Sampler. Post picture when page 3 finished. Woohoo, I actually accomplished some goals! I did post a picture and I did finish page 4. In fact, I finished page 4 so fast, that I was able to start and finish 1 design and start and almost finish a 2nd design. But since I’m up to something secret I got a bit sidetracked and didn’t finish the 2nd design. I’ll get it finished after my February FAS goal of page 5. 😉

Professional: this is the new addition to my goals for 2008. Revamp personnel and accounting records. Scan in client billing records. NOTE: This will take more than a month to accomplish. I actually got all of the billing records scanned in (shocker!) and have started on the accounting and personnel records. I still have much to do in that department though, so this will be added to next month’s goals.

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