Financially speaking

I just realized that I have not been including any tracking on my finances.  When I started this blog it was to combine all areas of my life, and a major one is getting my debt paid off.  It’s a little intimidating but I’m taking it one paycheck at a time.  One of the reasons why I need to cut myself off in the stitching stash department.  I seem to have all the other spending areas in my life under control.

I still have packages trickling in, which is helping me to not spend.  The latest is Carriage House Samplings’ The Song They Sang.  I purchased it as a “kit” so the fabric and NPI silks also arrived.  Let me tell you, this is another one of those poor photographic efforts.  The silks, 186, 302, 335, 336, 693, 767, 773, 957 and 998, are just beautiful and rich and the design is smaller than I thought it would be so this may be one of those “small starts” that I do this year.  Definately sooner rather than later since I also ordered the frame at a discount but it won’t arrive until February some time.

I’m trying to keep my wish list updated so if I do get a financial gift I have some place to look for inspiration.  That said, we are probably going to be receiving a tax refund but it will go toward my debt.

Today I received the NPI list for Shores of Hawk Run Hollow 🙂 and have put it on my wishlist.

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