What a totally boring Saturday

but this is a good thing!

I had decided yesterday to go to the grocery store today instead of Sunday, as usual, because we’re expected to have horrid weather beginning tonight.  I don’t want to have to go anywhere in it tomorrow.  I managed to get that done, and the groceries put away, while Kahuna was out on a 2-hour LSD ride.  Believe it or not, he even went surfing this morning.  Brrr!

After I puttered around my office and caught up on my message boards and blogs, I took a trip to the mailbox and found that a few more items have arrived.

 All Washed Up quilt patterns.  I’ll probably go with some jacobean colors for 5 & Dime, but go fairly close to the same colors on Just Can’t Cut It

 Just Can't Cut It 

I also received Sheepish Antique’s The Sarah E. Pope Sampler

The Sarah E. Pope Sampler

and Hannah Beeby 1816 Sampler by Timeless Designs.  I have been looking for a quaker that I could do in brown with a hint of pink and I think this little lovely will be the perfect sampler for that.

Hannah Beeby 1816

So now I am about to settle in with a DVD, cup of tea, probably 2 puppies, and my stitching. 

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0 responses to “What a totally boring Saturday

  1. Ooooh!! I like the Hannah Beeby!

  2. Sounds a lot like my Saturday – though I did get a bit of cleaning in today which was a good thing! Hopefully the weather holds off.

    I’ve seen Hannah Beeby a couple of times and really like it. One of these days maybe I’ll buy it.

  3. Hope you had a relaxing day, Terri.

    I like the Hannay Beeby, too.

  4. I just found your site – I love Hannah Beeby – went to visit Timeless Designs to see if they ship to the UK!

  5. What a nice sampler. I think you are right about the brown and pink color combination for the design. Sounds lovely.